Our Home Remodel

is2nmjgx97loru1000000000.jpgpicture-uhc05c2e0ca1e4594bea29b0a19999bf-psc1f6d2f11a8121aa9b7d5454abfe27e.jpg.jpgpicture-uh4eebd56615b1c9b69f5f4654a7e3d16-ps984c37d37b96fe4e3a8f3fd2283adeed.jpg.jpgpicture-uh8dff9010b5b3b221783f69327441d2-ps73d35f1095f747deba46b9cb30eecf8d.jpg.jpgA step by step visual watch as we change our new(old) home into the dream home we see it to be!!!

Took out the wall to make the dinning room and living room one space. (U can see my exhausted 13 year old on the floor!!!)

We found 2 layers of floor in the kitchen till that beautiful wood came through!!

Found wood flooring all through the original side of the house. The addition we need to put flooring down. We are using wide pine plank boards.