About Me,

I am a new wife, ( 2017) mother and grandmother who loves doing anything creative! DIY, upcycling, photography and believe it or not, psychology are my passions along with my family, being thrifty and living my life to the fullest!

I am physically disabled to an extent and somewhat mentally at times, I have a severely abnormal love for all things MICKEY MOUSE!!!!lol I love to learn and want to share what I have learned with the world, or anyone who wants to read it anyway!!

We as others have, had many obstacles in life but I believe everything happens for a reason and know my boys and I are stronger because of it. I know I had to prepare for the ultimate perfect love for me and fully love myself first. I feel at this point we have learned from our tragedies and are ready to move on and start anew with a much bigger appreciation for life, love and not just surviving but living. One of my boys left home around the same time I met my husband and is on his way to Med school!

I am someone who appreciates friendly criticism so lets chat!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting me !!!!!


One thought on “About Me,

  1. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME TOO. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SITE!!! Whatever I have is out there in the virtual world – free for the taking. Important is the sharing of ideas, beauty, love that vis within us all. I can see that you are a person of character – you really have to be if as a single woman you are raising boys. (My sister also has all boys and raised them, for the most part, by herself.) I admire you gumption and wish you well in all that you endeavour. I am not always so good with responding because during the summer I am up north tending to a field of potatoes – mostly but when in town I will seek your blog. Mari

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