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Ok, think I got it

so you know I have been having problems being able to share others post on my blog, if I used a reblog button it was fine but if I just used the share button I was getting the title of the post but the rest was blank. I have been irritated beyond myself lately with this, I could not find anything in the forums and started to just not even post but, today, I opened my app on my iPad, as I was messing around I pushed my dashboard and after it switched to the different idk, dashboard, it all works fine on here. I still don’t understand it and am still annoyed but at least now I can get over it!!!

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Plant help please!!

I have searched and Google this plant, I think I have an idea on what it is but I want to get it to grow more than one vine. Now with my other plants I cut the tip off and most times it sprouts a new vine but with this one it will just sprout somewere on the same vine! It doesn’t move very easy and is delicate but at the same time heavy and tough. What I want is to have a new vine from the pot. Anyone have any ideas???

William James said “Things are not as they are, but as we are.” We really do see differently from anyone else. Every moment is seen from our perspective and that’s a great thing. From our perspective, we are the center of our world and from that center, we have the power to choose how we see anything. The gift of freedom to perceive is priceless! It’s the key to being happy


Hours and hours

I have to try to post things not all at once but every time I open my app and start to read the blogs of those I follow I get lost in time so easily. The photos the quotes the everyday news, there is so much to see and so much to read. So many talents out there in the world and on WordPress that hours can go by and I have been just sitting here in all your worlds visiting places all over and not getting a thing accomplished. So just so you all know, when my husband has nothing for dinner or no clean shirts for work it’s all you I blame!!!


Make yourselves a good day!!!

Single tree

Looking out behind my house I see a tree standing by itself. I wonder if it’s always been all alone , it has fields and mountains to call it’s home, Does it matter that it stands alone with so much view for its eyes to roam?

Do trees have eyes, can they even see, or am I just making to much out of the single tree?