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Easy money

I use this app waiting for an appointment or in line at the store! Few min here and there and next thing you know you have a gift card! They add up !!!

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My first paid project was a sign for a friends growing business, I am so glad it is finally done! Never have I been so stressed out and made so many mistakes!

The font she chose was a writing font not a cutting font and after being blown up it looked horrible.

She wanted to get rid of the blotchiness and I had to delete each little piece individually! Then it didn’t have capital letters so I made those, I had to wait for my husband to get the wood ready and first he wanted me to use a white plastic type wood that wood last very well, but it had lines on the other side and I needed both sides so we went back to plywood. The words are curved and working with a lot larger of an area than I am used to , I put it on crooked the first time! Ugh! After using less sticky contact paper and another set of hands I got the other side on straight. I adjusted the size of cameras to compensate for it being more spread out than the original design. Now I realize it’s not straight on but , can you tell the difference?

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Fuzz in my lens???

I had to upgrade my phone , only to an iPhone 7 , and being the cheapskate that I am I bought off EBay. For less than 200 it was worth it , till I noticed fuzz or hair in my camera lens.

Messaging back and forth with the seller and it was clear they would not send me a new one till they got this one back which would mean about a week with out a phone. That didn’t work for me and then it had been 30 days and bla bla bla. I didn’t have another 200 to buy a new one first then be reimbursed, so now I am left with hoping I can get a reasonable price to have someone open it and clean out the fuzz.

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It does exist

True Love, Perfect connection, Knowing he or she is the One! They do exist.

After 3 years together I am still in the honeymoon phase!! I don’t see it ever ending, we love to be together- have gone a week of every minute together and it was great! We value each other’s opinion and strengths as much as faults. He is strong where I am weak. We do not fight, and barely argue. We both have been abused and treated badly in our past so we appreciate everything about each other. We tell each other everything, he is my other half.

People say marriage is work and maybe someday it will be but for now, living him is the easiest thing I have ever done.

I believe it can exist for everyone.

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We loose power a lot and it makes you realize how dependent we have become. When I first get up I need to move slow, I make my coffee , take my handful of meds and then sit for a bit to wait for it all to kick in. I play games on my tablet or watch tv until I can move with out straining. When the power goes out it’s not just that we loose electricity but we loose water and heat as well, I am so unprepared!! We don’t have jugs of water around so it’s not just me but my animals going with out this morning.

I feel like a horrible fur baby mom!!!

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Inventory? Sell?

Trying to make things to sell is not the easiest thing with my constant self doubt and need for perfection! I have decided to turn my front porch into a for sale area for the winter, I can put my lawn sale things out to mix in with the things I make and buy to resell. It’s not a huge space and it’s not heated but gets full sun all day and is recently completely insulated!

Could this be the start of a small local business? I don’t know but I guess I have to start somewhere!

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No milk!!!

Ughhhh, I can’t believe I have to cut out dairy! I like almond milk so , ok, I already use , I can’t believe it’s not butter , so that’s ok too but!!! My yogurts! Greek light raspberry yogurt is one of my favorite snacks! At first we thought it may be ok because there is so little dairy but, nope!! My other favorite thing is mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt!! I don’t think I can handle going with out that!

The horror!

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This is Cloe. We just couldn’t let her stay were she lived. They had ten cats and one litter of 8 kittens. Small, malnourished and living in filth. As we helped a PALS shelter gather them this little girl won my heart so after some time at the shelter being fixed and brought out of danger I brought her home. 2 hours and she is now sleeping in the window content as can be. Lol my pup was over excited and she never met a dog before but I am hoping they will become friends. Selina the 4 year old we brought home from the shelter months ago is not very happy about it but I am also hoping that will change.

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For rent ?

There’s a new scam, or new to me anyway, of renting out houses for sale by the not owners.

Scammers are watching houses for sale and then placing adds in newspapers and online to rent them out at affordable prices. The one I know of, two bedroom house, driveway and small back yard in Old Town Maine. Once you answer the add you are sent a bunch of pictures of the inside with the address so you can stop and look around , through the windows.

The story is, they moved for work or medical reasons, love the place and want to keep it in the family so decided to rent it out till someone in the family can take it over. They are out of state, can’t afford to hire a realtor and no one lives in the state or close by to show it all the time. Maybe someone was showing it but can’t for the next two weeks or something to that effect, especially if you told them how soon you need a place.

All new insulation and heat is included, trash pick up, snow and lawn care included, ready to move in today!

Two bedroom houses with full basement around here are usually 800-1000 a month varying on heat and hot water included, but this place is only 550, just the cost of running it and mortgage!

They tell you ,first months rent and deposit to move in but of course are willing to work with the right people, have a rental lease ready to download and print off for signatures , you keep a copy and send back pictures of it signed, you can send them the money by Money gram and they will overnight the keys to you for immediate move in!!!

The old saying, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is, comes to mind here.

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The road to building a business

Being disabled puts a major damper on my income, my husband works for the railroad so it’s not that we are broke it is just with the mortgage, loans we took for the house, two vehicles one which has a loan on it , child support, etc, etc, etc. I only get child support once in a while even though the state is supposed to be handling that for me. I want to do more, I want to not have to panic when an emergency comes up.

I love to be creative, I love to make things out of nothing, or junk, and some of it can be sellable. I hope! 😬

I can not sit at a computer, or a desk. I can not do physical labor. I am out of shape and not the healthiest with chronic pain to top it off so, I think this is my best bet. Work at my pace, do things I love. I have a craft room, total mess! I have a work station in the basement for cutting, sanding and everything else I can’t do outside in the winter. I have the means, I live on a great road for it. I just have to fig out how to do it.

I have big things like wooden signs, things I can do when I am couch bound, make jewelry and wreaths, so with or with out tremors, good day or not I have it to do.

My problem is, I don’t trust myself, I am a perfectionist and second guess everything I do!

I will need some help guys! I need some support and people I can ask if it is good enough or not!

Come with me on my journey. Please?