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Kitchen floor

Finally after tearing up two layers of linoleum and sub flooring, then sanding, sanding and sanding, and sanding off two stains that I didn’t like, here it is!!! This is my new kitchen floor!!!! I love it!!!! It’s a grey wash. Not a white wash but grey wash!!! Paint was mixed half paint and half water, water based paint, and my David painted it on, then we wiped it off. As much as I wanted the mix of grey paint and the wood grain to show was not easy but after  a few tries we got it just the way I wanted!! Some poly and this is the finish product!!

Now u can’t see it in the pic but there r two diff kinds of wood were an extension was added on years after the original floor was put down. That was a nightmare!!!!!!!! I wanted the old aged look floor. I did the vinegar and steel wool method and the original flooring was so beautiful, but that other stuff just looked dirty. I put the black tea on the one side with the difficult wood and tried the vin again. Nope. Ugh, Then we got the mineral classic grey stain and did that, nope!!!! The wood sucked it up like a sponge but then it disappeared. It was a spotted mess of brown shades and grey and looked awful!!!!! The old side was great but that other wood just didn’t work. AGAIN!!!!

There wasn’t much left to do to get the look I wanted. The floor changed right in front of the stove so I had to get both sides to match!!!

Then my hubby came through again for me with the grey wash! 

So, three floors, three totally different methods. Living room, we layed the boards, did the vin and wool and after a second coat it was perfect for poly. The dining room, we redid the original floor, stained it, did make the mistake of not popping it and had to do it all again but then we got it perfect and ready for poly. The kitchen, well, it’s done!!!!!

Vinager stained floor

I haven’t been on much lately with the house remodeling but will share our new living room floor!!!!

David put down pine plank boards and I made a vinegar and steel wool stain. We sanded, stained,did a second coat of stain and then poly sealed it. What do you think????

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Bar harbor wicker???

I have had this chair for almost 15 years and have not had time yet to fix the broken spots , yet, but wanted to know more about it. What kind of wicker , and when it may have been made. I got as far as that style and pattern matches some bar harbor chairs but nothing close to this? So, I’m asking out there if anyone knows anything about this chair??????

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New floors!!!!!

There it is, the living room floor in our new home is finally finished and it’s beautiful!!!!!!!! I love it. My man worked his butt off to finish it this weekend and he did a great job. Now the rest of the wood is for two bedrooms upstairs and then the sanding begins!! U can see a piece of the dining room floor under the pine boards. When I started pulling up linoleum in the kitchen and found the sub floor I thought for sure there was wood floor under it but I was wrong, it was more linoleum!!! I have blisters on my blisters from ripping up all the layers but the beautiful floor is worth it.

They used SO MANY STAPLES!!!!!!!

This is an idea on my pain!!!!! Lol. It’s going to be great though. 

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My kitchen floor

This is what I decided on my kitchen floor, now as you know, we bought a house. The closing is coming up now and we need to do floors b 4 we move in. The kitchen is actually the one place I do not need a floor, lol, but we are going to try to reduce the hardwood already in the dining room and lay some in the living room. The kitchen is the major huge remodel so it’s were my brain mostly is. 

Just some quick before pics so u remember the space. The dining room is hardwood under all that old carpet glue and stuff. The kitchen has this down now which will due till we are ready to remodel the whole place but I want to make sure the floor going from the brown wood dining room to the grey wood kitchen will look ok.

Then being the awesome man he is, he brought me home a bunch of tile samples and with that added to stuff I have I decided to do my own mosaic backsplash. 

I have some plain blue broken glass from a casserole dish plus whites, Grey’s and blue tiles and I’m going to just keep collecting!!! I’m so excited. I’m thinking the top cabinets will be white distressed and the bottom a distressed blue. The counter itself we haven’t decided on yet. We are taking wood pieces, like paint sticks, and putting them on the doors for a better look, taking out that ugly paneling on top and putting up a bigger molding to that and some for under the cabinets get the high end look. I may make that a shelf if possible and put some of my blue glass there. 

So much to do, we have, a dining room chandelier we are going to make our own version of, we are leaving the wood in the dining room and painting on the top , the living room will be the sage green like David likes and then I want the dining room to the it all together but I just haven’t decided on the color yet. 

So, downstairs of my house with all the beautiful wood will be colbolt blue, sage green, grey and white. I think…..