List of Ailments

Addison’s Disease is my big one. Adrenal insufficiency, means I do not produce my own adrenaline, which you can not live with out, I take pills to live, have emergency needles for when I throw up and then have to go immediately to the hospital. (This almost killed me, started to get sick around Easter, hair thinned out bad, lost weight down to 90 pounds, major jaundiced, craved salt like crazy, my eyes sunk into my head and I could not stay awake, hurt to sit up and even when I was laying down I felt like I needed to lay down. Dr told my family I was dying and they did not know why should make arrangements. It wasn’t till 6 months went by, which is not normal to live that long, dr said dumping salt into my mouth is what saved my life, my family took me to the hospital in Portland and said they had me hooked up to everything before they even asked my name, I looked that bad. They could not find my blood pressure at all, and I do not remember any of it. It was a Med student who had done a paper on JFK that realized the connection and saved my life. I never knew his name. )

hypothyroidism , under active

Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, low iron, Gerd, arthritis, fibromyalgia,

For years my skin changed drastically every year, one summer I was allergic to the sun!! Seriously! One year if I scratched myself even a tiny bit, it would swell into huge welts, (my dr used his nails and made three small marks on my arm and was so amazed by it he showed a bunch of people from his office) I think that is over,

Had depression, anxiety and major stress for soo long now I can not get off the depression meds.

Cervical cancer found and removed in 2017, could come back

PTSD from years of abuse

Undiagnosed swelling around my abdomen on only the left side of my body to the extent it can cut off the circulation to my leg and I can not walk. Not bone, can’t explain but has been happening off and on with no real pattern for over 15 years to the extent I have a major issue with my right side of my body being different than my left. I seriously babied the left side of my body way to long and now I’m paying for it, and still do not have an answer!!!

Have been told other things to have them proven wrong after, like, scoliosis, connective tissue diseases, oh, I also had a woman dr tell me once that some things are just that way! Wow 😅🤣😂