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Halloween Emoji Garland

I just had to post this one!!

We R Memory Keepers Blog

Hello everyone!  It’s Eva on the blog today showing you how to create a fun and easy Halloween garland using the Emoji Punch Board.

Halloween Emoji Garland by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers

In Chile we don’t usually decorate our house for Halloween. My son however is really excited about this celebration and asked me if he could put some Halloween things in his bedroom. I made him this spooky garland with some emoji monsters because I knew he was going to love it!

To create the garland start by punching some icons with your Emoji Punch Board. I used different colors from this beautiful DCWV Holiday Jewels paper stack.

We R Memory Keepers Emoji Punch Board

Next, use your Mini Alphabet Punch Board to punch a word, in my case I spelled the word “Boooo”

We R Memory Keepers Mini Alphabet Punch Board

After that, I added some details to my monsters using the scraps from the Punch Board and my Sticky Piercer. Be creative, monsters don’t have to be perfect!

Halloween Emoji Garland by Eva Pizarro for We R Memory Keepers


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Halloween Banner with the Circle Spin & Trim

We R Memory Keepers Blog

Happy Almost-Halloween, We R friends!  This is Rebecca sharing some hauntingly-fun décor with you today!  I have to admit that Halloween usually gets lost in the mix of happenings at this time of year; we take the kids trick-or-treating, but there’s so much else going on that I don’t put out many (if any) decorations.  The other day my five-year-old daughter mentioned that she was sad we didn’t have decorations up and that prompted me to find some time to create a little something we could hang up.

Halloween Banner featuring the Circle Spin & Trim by Rebecca Luminarias for We R Memory Keepers

Looking over all of my WRMK tools, I got so many fun ideas for things to create, not the least of which was a scalloped “HAPPY HAUNTINGS” banner made with the Circle Spin & Trim, and some help from Pebbles’ Spooky Boo collection.

We R Memory Keepers Circle Spin & Trim

I started by cutting out fourteen 6” circles from the different Spooky Boo patterned papers.  It took mere…

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Is it harder to focus nowadays?

Pointless Overthinking

   In my daily adventures through my mind I noticed that while doing something, I so easily get sidetracked by something else. There is always a message to check or a new like on Facebook or another task to do even though it’s not that urgent.

   In a podcast, Tai Lopez said that our attention span is less than the one a goldfish has. I thought that’s bullsh*t so I did a quick Google search (to be noticed that I interrupted the podcast to search something) and it seems that there is some truth here. Microsoft did this study and it seems that our multitasking ability increased, but our attention span it is indeed less than that of a goldfish.

   Honestly, I don’t know why we’re compared to goldfish, but it an interesting finding. No wonder it’s harder to do something nowadays. If we cannot pay attention more…

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News: Google Chromecast 2018

{Tech} for Travel

Sadly, many hotel chains are now locking down their in-room TV’s as they are more connected and run from a central network. However, with the rise of AirBnB and self serviced appartements there is still plenty of reasons why you would want to have a media streaming device in your luggage for travel.

Google Chromecast being plugged in. Google Chromecast 2018. // Image Google.

Google Chromecast 2018

Last weekGoogle announced a range of new hardware, some of which will be covered shortly, however the one I will cover first is the newest iteration of their popular streaming device, the Chromecast!

A Slick looking exerior and flexible cable for ease of use. A Slick looking exterior and flexible cable for ease of use. // Image Google.


With the exception of the outdoor explorers, a media streaming device such as the Chromecast can be useful for any type of traveller.  Have young kids with you? Stream their favorite cartoons from YouTube or Netflix!  Travelling on business?…

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My step son from my first marriage is an alcoholic. He hit his bottom and spend 6 months in jail. Now he is here living with us as he begins his journey of sobriety, becomes a better man and father , to find his inner strength to fight the girl who devastated him from the inside out and then took his kids away from him. This is not just him riding on it all but his kids as well.

At the same time my husband and I struggle to support four people, two vehicles and a house on just his income and my raising medical co pays.

The dr has been trying to change my medications to lower the amounts and help me with my complete lack of vocabulary, inability to think and articulate and organize, and so on and so on. The motivation is the only good thing come out of it so far.