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My mystery bird has been finally identified!

I thought I had a picture of this from the back but I can’t find it, so apparently they are young sterlings, which is what this is. The beaks will turn yellow and the feathers become different shades.

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How to Spot the Shy (Covert) Narcissist


By Dr. Perry, PhD

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Don’t be fooled by the title. There is nothing cute or innocent about this stealthy narcissist, also known as the covert narcissist. A covert narcissist is a narcissist who suffers from low self-esteem. He or she is seeking the same glory and power as the classic narcissist but does not possess the same outwardly bravado. They have all the attributes of an overt narcissist but hide behind many masks. In my clinical experience, those who permit a covert narcissist into their lives later spend years unraveling the chaos that has been spun around them. Unfortunately, the red flags are harder to spot than that of an overt narcissist. The easiest way to identify them is in close quarters when they are not pretending to be someone else. Here is a list of ways to identify a covert narcissist but please note that the list is not all-inclusive.


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Signs of Collective Narcissism


By Dr. Perry, PhD

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“In the final analysis I believe in man in spite of men.” ~Elie Wiesel

I recall as a young boy thinking of girls as alien beings inhabiting the same planet but playing by a whole different set of rules. They were seen as the enemy and I was convinced that boys were superior to girls. I recall my sister arguing that boys had cooties and that girls rule. I believe she won that argument. Without awareness, we were taking part in collective narcissism. Collective narcissism, also known as group narcissism, is a type of narcissism where an individual has an inflated self-love for their in-group. The individual will see his or her group as superior to all other groups and it may function as a narcissistic entity. At that point of my young life, my sister and I were actively part…

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Basic Color Mixing & Brush Use in today’s Video (learn to paint a sunset!)

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Sorry I did not have  a post for you yesterday, I was completely wiped out after a day at the Made in Maine Expo. I shared some pics during the day on the Facebook page if you are curious. I was a great show and a lot of fun. I have to say that I am a bit sore from lugging product up and down stairs (cutting boards are heavy!) But all-in-all it was a good time, and I left with less than I brought. I will have a recap later this week and tips for selling at a higher-end craft fair in case you were considering it! Tonight I am going to do something many of you have requested. I am going to go back to basics and we are going to mix 3 colors to make all the colors we need for a painting, we will…

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Watercolor Brush 101 {Everything you ever wanted to know about watercolor brushes that viewers weren’t afraid to ask!}

So much great informative!

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! I have been wanting to go through my watercolor brush collection, get my brushes all in one place and see what I had. Since I have a full studio/supply storage area in my basement and an art table in my office stuff travels and sometimes I have doubles where I don’t need then or am missing something upstairs that I do need. I sorted all of my brushed by type and shared a pic on Instagram. I also made a flower doodle testing out some of the brushes.

36031391_10211989830366522_7812518302806179840_o (1).jpg

I asked my IG followers if they would be interested in a brush tour and they loved the idea, I decided to make it a live stream and asked my hubby to monitor the chat and send questions my way as they came up. What we ended up with was a really in-depth watercolor 101 brush talk and demo. If…

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How to Blog Like a Boss

The Art of Blogging

The Internet revolutionized the way we think. As a matter of fact I believe that it’s going to change the way we operate and perceive the world around us a lot more than we can even imagine right now.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to be a creator instead of a consumer, to be exposed to so many different points of views and beliefs, absorb them, and then offer your own thoughts to almost everyone who can find your words and read them.

What does this mean for you?

Well, for one, it means that your words, if carefully crafted, can nudge the world a bit.

If that isn’t something to get excited about, I don’t know what is.

But in order to put a dent in the universe, you must make sure you are putting out high-quality content.

You must blog like a boss.

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Never , ever, ever!!!

Never, ever, until you are no longer paying, throw away receipts that have to do with child support payments!!!!!!!!!

If your ex fills out papers claiming you have not paid in a year, it is up to you to prove them wrong. You need to have a receipt, direct deposit slip, something to prove at least eight out of twelve for anyone to even consider you are telling the truth. ( guilty till proven innocent) then , the ex can just say, oops, and that’s it. No penalty for lying, no, well maybe we will forget a week of owed payments, nope, nothing! Maybe she decided last minute it looked stupid complaining about three weeks behind.

It has been nothing but vindictive bs with this woman!!! But you all know how that works, when u leave a narcissist and find someone else quickly and become happy, that’s not allowed!!!!