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Paint a Purple Cupcake in Watercolor Pencils!

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Howdy friends! The other day I shared this watercolor pencil painting I did in my sketchbook:


I had a few requests to do a tutorial so I thought I would for our beginner tutorial this week. I have been posting beginner (probably over explained but I just want to make sure even beginners can follow along) tutorials on Wednesdays and I hope they are useful:) Let me know if they are just too simple or if I hit the mark:)

Photo credit: thescranline. If you like baking check them out. Their Instagram account is fabulous! (I don’t bake so I follow their IG account for the pretty photos and they encourage fan art!)

Supplies: Affiliate links used. Watercolor pencils and paper from Arteza *Use coupon code FRUGAL10 for 10% off if shopping on the Arteza Website.

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Woodburned Winter Ornaments with the Creative Woodburner


Have you seen the brand new Creative Woodburner yet? It’s such an amazing tool!

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner

I’ve had so much fun getting to know this new wood burning tool and these  Ornaments are a great project whether you’re just learning to wood burn or a seasoned pro.  The beautiful Birch rounds make gorgeous wood burned ornaments. I decided to combine my love of wood burning, bark edge rounds, and snowflakes to make these Winter Ornaments and I’m excited to share them with you!  You can purchase this amazing new Creative Woodburner and the beautiful birch ornaments here on the Walnut Hollow website, or at your local JOANN craft store!

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Winter Ornaments

Winter Ornament Supply List:

Winter Ornament Supplies

Find or create your own snowflake design.  Trace your design onto the birch ornament using graphite transfer paper to transfer the…

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Modern Thanksgiving DIY: Wood Burned Hexagon Placemats


Hello everyone, It’s Katie here and today I’m going to show you how to make some Wood Burned Placemats! These are great for everyday Autumn decor, but the Hexagons will also bring a fun, modern touch to your Thanksgiving Tablescape!

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your Wood Burned Placemats:

Make your own Wood Burned Placemats for Thanksgiving using the NEW Creative Woodburner tool by @walnuthollow and this tutorial by @studiokatie!

Today I’ve got 2 versions of my project, a candle mat with a more detailed Leaf design, and a few placemats with a simpler design.

Step one:

On a piece of paper, sketch out the leaf shapes you want in your design.

Step two:

Place a piece of transfer paper (included in the New Creative Woodburner kit) onto your wood hexagon, and your leaf template over…

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DIY Watercolor and Wood Birch Ornaments


I love the magical winter scenes you find in snow globes: a little winter cottage, a truck carrying home a freshly cut Christmas tree, or a snowman, etc. Today’s I’ll be showing you how to make wood burned ornaments inspired by those winter-y scenes!

DIY Watercolor and Wood Birch Ornaments

Supplies you’ll need:

DIY Watercolor and Wood Birch Ornaments

Step one:

Begin by deciding what winter scenes you want to capture on your ornaments! I knew that I definitely wanted snowy mountains, a snowman, a lamp post, a church, and a truck for mine. Use a pencil to sketch the scenes out onto the Birch Ornaments.

Step two:

Now it’s time to burn your designs into the ornaments!

Walnut Hollow’s new Creative Woodburner tool comes with 4 interchangeable nichrome wire tips for more precise burning. I used the Ball Point Tip for most of the designs, but I…

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How to Write a Brilliant Blog Post per Week

The Art of Blogging

Today’s post is all about writing that great post. The one that is going to attract new readers, build trust with the old ones, and engage every one who stumbles upon your blog to comment…

We’ve already talked about writing a blog post in 15 minutes, which is a great skill to have, and we also tackled the issue of being consistent.

Consistently creating great contentis the backbone of any blog.

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5 Signs You Just Wrote a Meh Blog Post

The Art of Blogging

First of all, you should know that this happens to us all.

Inspired by a great idea, you sit down ready to write the best blog post ever. But as you progress, your enthusiasm fades away. You’re not sure what the problem is, but the piece is not coming together the way you thought it would.

You put your head down and keep writing, but you begin to realize that you’ve got a complete mess of a post on your hands.

OK, let’s relax, take a deep breath and a step back, and run through this quick checklist to see what happened…

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9 Mistakes That Will Screw Up Your Blog

The Art of Blogging

After months or even years of thinking about it, you finally decided to start your own blog. You sat down at your desk, maybe planned for a few hours, gathered your thoughts, and punched the damn keys.

Feeling a bit nervous, a bit excited (you weren’t sure what you were feeling) you eagerly waited for stuff to happen. After all, it’s all about writing and clicking on that blueish little Publish button, is it not?

Well… the feedback you receive is the kind that makes 95% of bloggers quit. Soul-crushing silence. That’s enough to break even the toughest warriors.

What happened? Where did you go wrong? Where are all the readers?

Mistakes. That’s what happened. I know, because I’ve been there. I made my fair share of mistakes. Some of them I even fixed. Now I am working on making new ones.

But let’s just focus on the…

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What Makes The Difference Between A Meh Blog and a Great One

The Art of Blogging

Think of some famous, long-dead person you genuinely admire. Think of this person’s life. What made them worthy of your admiration?

Can you sum up this person’s life in one sentence?

I bet you can.

Yes, the saying is jack of all trades, master of none, but it’s better than master of one, but the truth is that we often spread our resources too thin to become successful at any one thing.

Is your blog like that?

How long does it take you to explain what your blog is about?

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Four People


A project manager I used to work with shared the following riddle with me.  Enjoy!

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it.

Everybody was sure Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

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