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Ok, think I got it

so you know I have been having problems being able to share others post on my blog, if I used a reblog button it was fine but if I just used the share button I was getting the title of the post but the rest was blank. I have been irritated beyond myself lately with this, I could not find anything in the forums and started to just not even post but, today, I opened my app on my iPad, as I was messing around I pushed my dashboard and after it switched to the different idk, dashboard, it all works fine on here. I still don’t understand it and am still annoyed but at least now I can get over it!!!

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Our smart indoor gardens take care of plants automatically by making sure that they have enough water, light and nutrients at all times.

We have over 45 different plants to choose from.

so this is a click and earn site.

if you sign up and get ten friends to sign up then you get a free 3 pack plant garden

and so on and so on, I have read the information and the blog seems really legit so, Click and Grow with me!!!

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Plant help please!!

I have searched and Google this plant, I think I have an idea on what it is but I want to get it to grow more than one vine. Now with my other plants I cut the tip off and most times it sprouts a new vine but with this one it will just sprout somewere on the same vine! It doesn’t move very easy and is delicate but at the same time heavy and tough. What I want is to have a new vine from the pot. Anyone have any ideas???

We did it

David and I got married!!!

I am now officially Mrs David Bernier!!!

I am so used to being the photographer everywhere that it is weird for me to not have any photos yet but my son and step dad went crazy with there cameras and I will have some to share.

Have a whole lot of tips and tricks to getting married with it just as you want for 1,000!!

Takes more work on ur end but completely doable!

Going to need another day to recoup then I will be back

The now, Tracey Lee Bernier