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A Year of Creative Projects: Paper Crafts

Wonderful Creations Blog

Hello everyone! Several months ago, I shared with you my goal of doing a craft project for every day of 2018 (read about it here). I’m still crafting daily, but I have not had as many opportunities to blog as often as I would like because of my son being at home with me all day during the past few months. Now he is enrolled in a new school, and I finally have more time for blogging. Yay!

So for today’s post, I am sharing some of my favorite paper craft projects. I love making handmade cards and gift tags for special occasions. Continue scrolling for photos, and let me know which project you like best.

1. Reindeer Card

IMG_20180317_201116 copy

2. Bookmark Tag

IMG_20180225_183158 copy

3. Music Notes Card

IMG_20180317_201945 copy

4. Ball Gown Tag

IMG_20180224_162258 copy

5. Flower Card

IMG_20180814_141729 copy

6. Butterfly Gift Tags


7. Mini Globe Card

IMG_20180621_233334 copy

8. Pink Floral Gift Tag

IMG_20180725_105535 copy

9. White Floral…

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5 DIY Dollhouses

Wonderful Creations Blog

I LOVE dollhouses! I recently received a dollhouse as a gift, and I plan on giving it a makeover in the next few weeks. My only problem with dollhouses is that they can be costly. The higher end houses cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. That’s why I enjoy creating and decorating dollhouses using crates and other fun supplies.

Continue reading below for some of my fun and crafty dollhouse projects!

1. Dollhouse I made for

crate dollhouse 6 (3)Crate Dollhouse Feature

2. Wooden Castle Dollhouse

Castle Collage

3. Crate Dollhouse


4. Radio Box Dollhouse


5. Shadow Box Dollhouse


Thanks for reading!


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Hypocrites – So Called STARS!

I have lived on many sides since the day they said you are pregnant and can not work at all if you want for you and this baby to survive this pregnancy, which of course I did. I lived on city assistance, single, only welfare ,single, welfare and part time work once single once not, full time work single, I had a second child and for a bit it was one income whole house, then of course back to being single and then we did child support alone, part time work and child support, single. We have been homeless once with both my boys and I, we have shared a house, had people couch crashing and had people live in one room. I mean it when I say I have been on every side of the street. I have never been rich or even well off, we always lived Day to day.

I do not , even if I have 2 pennies, think twice about giving one to someone else in need. I know some people take advantage of help and just take as much as possible. I know some people just spin in a cycle of being broke, then not, then broke again. I do not know much about other countries or the exact state of anywhere else in the world except for the USA. I know we get involved in other countries affairs and that the USA is a lot different than when I was a kid. Maine, itself has gone down hill since I was a kid. I know money won’t solve everything , but I think it could help a great deal.

I see some of these people talk about raising money, how we all need to stick together and help each other, and a bunch of other stuff, but yet, realistically, if each one of these people just gave one paycheck, one whole paycheck to a charity for hunger or to an animal refuge, or what ever charity they choose, can you imagine the way the world would be???

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23 More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers — DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos

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Use a Stencil Background to Create Artists Trading Cards — Imagine Blog

by Elina Stromberg For me, crafting is my way to unwind and to relax. Sometimes I feel that I need to start crafting, but I don’t necessarily have a specific project in mind. The solution is to create background pages for later use. For making background pages, I take out a few white blank papers, my […]

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Parenting Fail

I started therapy as soon as I knew I was pregnant. I was a messed up person, all my life I had done things I could not understand or explain, I was in the mental ward of the hospital once for a month as a teenager and it did nothing but mess me up more. I lied to anyone who would listen, always felt inside I was just made bad. I took the normal families teasing and messing around personally, and just didn’t understand why I felt so sad inside at times.

That was just as a teenager. I was 22 when I got pregnant. I had multiple abusive relationship and allowed myself to be bossed around and insulted, I couldn’t explain my feeling and turned to anger. I had just recovered from almost dying from the doctors not diagnosing my Addison’s disease till the last-minute and now had to depend on a little pill just to stay alive.

My sons father was an abusive one and an alcoholic who I went back and forth with till Jacob was a year old and we lost everything in a house fire. He went to jail for three years and I became free of him. I knew I had to work on so much to be able to raise my boy so he didn’t turn into his father or a serial killer!

I thought I failed till he turned 18 and literally flipped a switch. He had been caught shoplifting, drank and smoked pot, and I had to have the police take him to school many times. Now he’s 20. He is home for summer break from college which he got into and started from going to job Corp which used to be just were judges sent kids, but, he has his diploma even tho he had to take extra classes to get, he has a CNA license, an ECT license and personal trainer license, but, he is still completely inconsiderate, kinda selfish and seems to have no empathy. I know it could be so much worse but it is killing me! We have so much on our plates right now but he just ads more. Doesn’t seem to care or just doesn’t remember anything I tell him or ask him. I feel I failed him. We’re did I go wrong , what did I do, or not do to make him become like this?, especially since I am a “give the shirt off my back kind “of person….