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How to Blog Like a Boss

The Art of Blogging

The Internet revolutionized the way we think. As a matter of fact I believe that it’s going to change the way we operate and perceive the world around us a lot more than we can even imagine right now.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to be a creator instead of a consumer, to be exposed to so many different points of views and beliefs, absorb them, and then offer your own thoughts to almost everyone who can find your words and read them.

What does this mean for you?

Well, for one, it means that your words, if carefully crafted, can nudge the world a bit.

If that isn’t something to get excited about, I don’t know what is.

But in order to put a dent in the universe, you must make sure you are putting out high-quality content.

You must blog like a boss.

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Wood Burned Hammer for Father’s Day

We R Memory Keepers Blog

Happy Friday friends! Thanks for stopping by. Aly with you again, and I’m excited to share a Father’s Day gift idea featuring a tool that represents a new crafting adventure for me–the USB Power Heat Tool with the wood burning tip!

Father's Day Wood Burned Hammers by Aly Dosdall with the USB Power Tools from We R Memory Keepers

My husband doesn’t raid my craft room often, but when he does 9 times out of 10 it’s to borrow my small hammer. So, I figured what better gift for Father’s Day this year than a wood burned small hammer just for him!

Father's Day Wood Burned Hammers by Aly Dosdall with the USB Power Tools from We R Memory Keepers

While at the hardware store I decided to make a pair of them so I could quote an old 90’s rap song by MC Hammer that’s a bit of an inside joke at our house, so I grabbed wood handled hammers in two different sizes.

Heat Wave Pen Stencils from We R Memory Keepers

Since this was my first attempt at a legit wood burning project I did a little research and practiced on some…

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Tab Punch Board Mini Album

We R Memory Keepers Blog

Hey there We R Memory Keepers friends and fans, Becki here, to share a mini album that I created with the Tab Punch Board and a few other We R Memory Keepers tools. I LOVE making mini albums, especially mini albums from scratch. There are a few tools that are a must have for creating mini albums. I have to have the trim and score board, the planner punch board, the Stitch Happy sewing machine, and the tab punch board. Who doesn’t love cute tabs in their mini albums?

Tab Punch Board mini album _Currently by Becki Adams_MAIN PHOTO

This is a smaller mini album with only 5 pages (including the covers). The album is titled “currently…” it’s an album showcasing each person in our family and their current interests. I created one page for each of our kids and then my husband and I share the last page. I started by cutting all of the pages from patterned paper…

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Narcissist, psychopath, sociopath,

Both lie to the kids, both treated the men like crap, both are mentally and emotionally abusive, they are both evasive, manipulative and seem to have all the power they think they have.

I can’t think of another way to stress myself, frustrate and mentally exhaust myself then to have to deal with both of these woman on a daily bases!

David’s ex will try to only say or do anything when I am not around cause she knows I stand right up to her and give it all back. She has no concerns for her boys hearing anything cause she always seems to be able to make it our fault somehow.

When we had just moved and went to get the boys once , she was drunk and came over to the car to complain he wasn’t putting the child support direct deposit anymore, she said to him, “look at you, you are all, unkept,!” I popped my head up above the car on my side to be eye-level with her and told her that she didn’t need to worry how he looked , and I said,” I like his hair grown out like that and told him he should keep it that way. ” She replied in a very snooty way , with her hand going from her waist up into the air and with her son standing next to her, “Well why don’t you just go fuck him then!” Then after some days later we were told by the little one that mom had told them it was all because she had always wanted him to grow his hair out for her but he had always said no.

Now they have had the huge task of keeping her out of the alcohol and we can do nothing? They are old enough to call for help if they think they will need it. That was the response given to us my the state. So mental and emotional abuse are not actually considered a problem in the state of Maine.

My grandkids have seemed to disappear, I called the state and left a message that my grandsons school has not seen him in two weeks. We shall see how that turns out.

I have a great relationship with my husband, a dream like intensely easy, relaxed, open and perfect for us relationship. I have great boys, a new house that we are fixing into our dream home, so many good things going for the first time in my life but these two thorns in my side still manage to keep me awake at night, give me horrible thoughts of these kids futures and drain me.

I have through the years kept journals, diary or just a reminder note in my devices on stupid things my grandkids mother has done and now that I want them, now that it is time to start fighting, I can’t find any of them! I have a new computer, they must be there, somewhere.

David filed a motion to modify for his child support even tho since we did that his pay has gone back up , we are still pushing for all the other things we requested as well.

To have the kids every other week during the summer, to have her reminded she is to include and consult with him on things that concern the boys health and welfare in any way, to stop trying to turn them against him and , or, us! Some other things that she had a total fit over, he also has a very good medical plan that would save her a lot of out of pocket but has refused to allow him to put the boys on.

Since they made the order, he has a new job, a house with a mortgage and a disabled wife with two dependents. Normally a new wife and step kids are not part of the consideration but since I have no income we are. Normally he would be told it was his problem he has a mortgage now not his kids but I think considering my kids deserve to have a good life as well it will not be the same. We are now waiting for the court date.

I think hate is a strong word that I very rarely use but I really think I hate both of those people.