Time flies

Moving time is here. My poor man is exhausted. It’s been a push everyday to get it all done. We ended up having to hire a couple guys to move all the big stuff into the uhaul but my son and my fiance had to unload themselves. 

I haven’t been posting much as I been running and moving but things will get back on track after this weekend and I will post more and more pictures from the renovation and more about, well, everything!!  Having a wedding in October, wow! Need to do that stuff. Assassin’s. Lol. See u soon.

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Tired of this body

Ever since I was diagnosed with Addisons Disease my body has been screwed up. I have had so many diagnoses that have ended up being wrong that it’s hard to keep track.



Mixed connective tissue disease

Allergy to the sun

That’s just off the top.of my head there is so much more. Every year, when it changes to summer, my skin changes, one year when I itched, they swelled into huge welts. My Dr scratched me then went to let the student in and they had swelled in that time so much he speechless at first. I have fibromyalgia, on one side of my body?? I get cluster headaches but they are totally different from what they are supposed to be. They start some were on my head and move behind my eye, then they stay for hours. I will get just one once in awhile or one every day for a week. I noticed recently if I don’t get enough salt I feel tired and sluggish.

I dread the changing of the seasons. Pain has become part of my every day life. This year I am getting strange rashes, almost like I’m allergic to my own sweat. Working on the house, packing and moving can make u really sweaty. I haven’t changed anything but still have rashes all under my arms, on my chest, along my pants line on my waist. I’m so frustrated. Today I’m noticing an area on my head is itching.

My legs turn red w blue blotches and itch whenever I take a shower or do dishes. My hip swells and makes me look crooked.

I’m just tired of it. 


If you look back in my post you can see what this floor looked like before we sanded. I love the original wood!!!!!

The one above is the dining room and then we found under two layers of linoleum and base flooring wood a beautiful kitchen floor!!!

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Lifeline for bipolar friend, broken??

Some of you may remember awhile ago I talked about my friend with bipolar and her bad spell. She hadn’t fully recovered from that when we were all struck by the sudden death of her baby daddy. They had been split for a little while now but proved his love when she went manic in making sure things that needed to be done along with me, got done. He always looked out for her and even then I saw a new side to him. Now she’s trying to get back up and was seeming to do great when she unexpectedly got fired from her job as a cna. She worked so hard getting totally off social security and providing for her and her boys all by herself. She had never even had a job , she had always been on ss and I for one was right by her side the whole way.

 She had not one complaint, not one warning or bad Mark anywhere in her work file, was the one cna that everyone loved and wanted to work with because she did the job and she did it good. She said that there was some paperwork that they didn’t get in, whether it was from the Dr or something she was supposed to fill out I’m not sure but just like that, done. We figure since the place was owned by maine general, and the people who treat her and help in monitoring her, all work for maine general. She said she’s to much of a liability, she could go manic at any time. Usually she catches it and gets help but this time it was from being to happy, not to sad. The disability advocates place can not help because they to, are maine general.

She worked for about a year, and in one second it was gone and I’m not sure how to help her. I have suggested a smaller business or maybe go a different way and do home help or something but not to just quit. She has given up. She is going down fast and I don’t know what to do. I am always the one her and a few others come to for advice or insight, but, this is the first time I don’t know what to say….

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