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Bouquet preservation

I made my wedding bouquet as some of you know, using latex Cali Lilly, leaf vines and other things, in a teardrop swag style.

So then the question was how do I keep it dust free , ready Incase I decide to use it again or simply because I want to keep it.

In all the websites it talks about fresh flowers or says just hang in sight to be dusted regularly. Dust??? Nope. Now I looked for a bag big enough and clear that I could use but didn’t find one. I needed to move it for Xmas so I got a little creative. I could and should have waited for help instead of trying to do it all one handed but I took out my kitchen Saran Wrap and started wrapping , trying not to get it to tight to squish anything. My son said it looks like a mummy.

Ignore the mess in the background, my duster on the floor, I tend to do three or four things at once.