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Inventory? Sell?

Trying to make things to sell is not the easiest thing with my constant self doubt and need for perfection! I have decided to turn my front porch into a for sale area for the winter, I can put my lawn sale things out to mix in with the things I make and buy to resell. It’s not a huge space and it’s not heated but gets full sun all day and is recently completely insulated!

Could this be the start of a small local business? I don’t know but I guess I have to start somewhere!

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DIY Planner Embellishments with the Mini Evolution

DIY Planner Embellishments with the Mini Evolution
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kids and crafts and more!!!, making a business, my thoughts

The road to building a business

Being disabled puts a major damper on my income, my husband works for the railroad so it’s not that we are broke it is just with the mortgage, loans we took for the house, two vehicles one which has a loan on it , child support, etc, etc, etc. I only get child support once in a while even though the state is supposed to be handling that for me. I want to do more, I want to not have to panic when an emergency comes up.

I love to be creative, I love to make things out of nothing, or junk, and some of it can be sellable. I hope! 😬

I can not sit at a computer, or a desk. I can not do physical labor. I am out of shape and not the healthiest with chronic pain to top it off so, I think this is my best bet. Work at my pace, do things I love. I have a craft room, total mess! I have a work station in the basement for cutting, sanding and everything else I can’t do outside in the winter. I have the means, I live on a great road for it. I just have to fig out how to do it.

I have big things like wooden signs, things I can do when I am couch bound, make jewelry and wreaths, so with or with out tremors, good day or not I have it to do.

My problem is, I don’t trust myself, I am a perfectionist and second guess everything I do!

I will need some help guys! I need some support and people I can ask if it is good enough or not!

Come with me on my journey. Please?

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Wooden pumpkins

When I made these I was thinking of a two holiday use. They are in sets of 3 with 4-6-8 roughly sized wood and weather resistant. One side could be for Halloween and the other side can be just pumpkins for fall or Thanksgiving decorations. I made some rustic and some not, some with pictures as some not! Lol So anyone want to share an opinion? I take criticism well!!

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My own Monet!?

Saw a post by another blogger, Photos by Ravi and he had a version of Monet as well, so even though I posted this pic already I just wanted to repost with this in mind! What do you think? Do I make the newbie group for like Monet!

Course his are paintings but, so much beauty!

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So, out of the blue?

Curious and curiouser

How many of you have found Snowballs in your freezer? Anyone remember when you found it, time of year?

I found a few over the years, all boys, and never one that last eat till summer or even spring. My older boy managed to hide one behind the ice trays once and since we weren’t using them during winter it lasted a while. Once it was found it was more like a lump of ice attached to the corner of the freezer. It went in the sink. Lol

Anyone else?

(Can’t explain why this popped in my head, I don’t post most of the things that pop in my head, you would thank me! )