SLIM AWAY get slim and trim instantly!

I saw the commercial and thought it looked like it may work. It was 2 for 10.00 plus shipping and handling on each. When they came in the mail I put it right on, and was instantly disappointed. I guess I have a smaller waist then I though because as tight as I could get it and breath, was already the last zipper. It starts right under your bra so it does hide pretty good, and after a while you do start to sweat like it says you will, but, the bottom edge, that is a different. It ended right on my hips which are already big enough so this edge sitting there was awful. I guess in different pants it might hide it. As I moved around and the day went on it started to bunch up on me. The end that is not zippered starts to slip out under the zippered part. I guess in the end if I was bigger than a size 12 it may work better but if you are smaller than that it is not a good idea to spend the money. It ends up being over 20 in the end. This is just my experience and opinion.


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