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The name of the plant I do not know.  Its cost was $2.48.  I know that because the label is still on the side of the little plastic pot. I have never replanted it.  I sometimes forget to water it and then when I do I sometimes drown it but it is a succulent and that seems to be okay.

I have tucked it in a very, very sunny corner. Perhaps for that reason it forgives my neglect and on occasion produces these magnificent pale blooms on pencil thin stalks that I snip and place in an old spice jar.  I’ve been photographing them against a background of white vellum.

We’ll see what the rest of the winter holds, if new blooms will emerge.  Meanwhile, I’ll try to show my appreciation by buying some soil later today so I can replant this (and several more) plants later in the week…

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I am a woman of many thoughts and ideas on anything creative or frugal, who loves to take pictures especially of nature and my grandkids all while I fight the good fight of illness both mental and physical. I appreciate friendly criticism and love comments!!! So, don't be shy, talk to me...

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