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10 Florist Design Secrets | Floranext – Florist Websites, Floral POS, Floral Software

Florist Design Secrets

10 Florist Design Secrets

by Admin on Oct 6, 2015 in Florist Ecommerce, Florist Resources, Opening a Flower Shop |
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Everyone has a secret tip or technique that works in their flower shop to make them more effective. Here are ten secret tips that you can start using today! Have some of your own? Share yours in the comments section.

10 Florist Design Secrets
1. Keeping hydrangeas hydrated while in floral foam. The key to hydrangea freshness is to dip the stem in Alum powder (available in the spice section at the grocery store). Dip right after cutting the stem and before inserting it into the fully saturated floral foam. This also works well on keeping gerbera stems lasting longer in floral foam.
2. Don’t use the usual suspects all the time. When it comes to greenery for your designs, try something besides the usual. And try to manipulate this unusual greenery, such as, folding aspidistra leaves and/or using steel grass to create heart shapes to change-up the design and give them a distinct look. This also go

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