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Things to make you go hmmmm….


6 thoughts on “Things to make you go hmmmm….

      • As they were my best friends since school so they have a lot of effect. I am a hard working girl. I studied hard, working word so that I can earn good and live a life. Thats why I left home and came to Canada. I never wanted to depend on my fathers money. But my friends are already very wealthy from family businesses. Some of they work, some of them don’t. That is not a problem. I feel frustrated when they look and advice about my life from their own glasses. Like, to follow the latest fashion, spends tons of money on make up and branded stuffs, they don’t understand why I need to work 5 days a week and advice me that having a baby has nothing to do with household income and all that. It is not always possible to make them understand that for some family budget is always a concern and it can change every year. Some of them are good friends, but they just don’t understand my way of life.

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      • Thanks a lot. I have a lot of friends on every stage of my life. I have tons of awesome friends from from my university and after coming to Canada I have also made some nice friends, with whom I hang out almost every week. But as they are my school friend, they always call me if they don’t hear anything from me for few days. I don’t want to ignore them, nor I want to be rude. I think only solution would be to care less.

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