If you look back in my post you can see what this floor looked like before we sanded. I love the original wood!!!!!

The one above is the dining room and then we found under two layers of linoleum and base flooring wood a beautiful kitchen floor!!!

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Sure your my son???


My amazing son is turning 19 on May 14. Jacob has been following his dreams and reaching for the stars. He has donated his birthday to make a wish foundation. This is his message::
When I was younger, my mother gave our family everything we wanted whether or not she could afford it. Some people out there don’t have that same luxury, some don’t have enough money to put food on the table for their families or to give their children nice things. It’s unfortunate that allot more suffer from this than me or anyone should feel comfortable with. I want to dedicate my birthday to giving back to others, to helping people who can’t help themselves, we all have the opportunity to change somebody’s life and all it takes is a small donation of $20. That $20 could feed a child, or save a family from the streets, or put clothes on somebody’s back. You can make a difference, all you have to do is try.

Help make a wish!!!!!

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Bar harbor wicker???

I have had this chair for almost 15 years and have not had time yet to fix the broken spots , yet, but wanted to know more about it. What kind of wicker , and when it may have been made. I got as far as that style and pattern matches some bar harbor chairs but nothing close to this? So, I’m asking out there if anyone knows anything about this chair??????

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Lifeline for bipolar friend, broken??

Some of you may remember awhile ago I talked about my friend with bipolar and her bad spell. She hadn’t fully recovered from that when we were all struck by the sudden death of her baby daddy. They had been split for a little while now but proved his love when she went manic in making sure things that needed to be done along with me, got done. He always looked out for her and even then I saw a new side to him. Now she’s trying to get back up and was seeming to do great when she unexpectedly got fired from her job as a cna. She worked so hard getting totally off social security and providing for her and her boys all by herself. She had never even had a job , she had always been on ss and I for one was right by her side the whole way.

 She had not one complaint, not one warning or bad Mark anywhere in her work file, was the one cna that everyone loved and wanted to work with because she did the job and she did it good. She said that there was some paperwork that they didn’t get in, whether it was from the Dr or something she was supposed to fill out I’m not sure but just like that, done. We figure since the place was owned by maine general, and the people who treat her and help in monitoring her, all work for maine general. She said she’s to much of a liability, she could go manic at any time. Usually she catches it and gets help but this time it was from being to happy, not to sad. The disability advocates place can not help because they to, are maine general.

She worked for about a year, and in one second it was gone and I’m not sure how to help her. I have suggested a smaller business or maybe go a different way and do home help or something but not to just quit. She has given up. She is going down fast and I don’t know what to do. I am always the one her and a few others come to for advice or insight, but, this is the first time I don’t know what to say….

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Daily Prompts and updates

Every now and then I do a daily prompt, not because I have nothing to write about or because I have run out of great blog posts to share but I think as a challenge to myself. So, today’s is pause.

Pause is my life at this time! I feel as if someone has pushed the pause button on me. We have bought a house and started work but now my man is out of town , well state, for work for 4 days which of course is on the weekend , which is mostly the only time to get any work done. He works ten hour days so after eating and things at night after work he only has a couple hours. 

My whole, Back, forward and back again, thing that I was doing of course was hit by a wall when cleaning , organizing and downsizing became packing to move. The idea is still there, the hallway space I used to put things in to get rid of has increased again but I still have gotten rid of, 8 large black garbage bags, 3 or 4 regular size kitchen garbage bags, 5 or so 18 gall totes, and a few boxes worth of stuff. My man brought a box of contractors garbage bags which are, Idk, huge, he started to just fill them up with stuff from the basement that either wasn’t mine or was trash. Had about 6 or 8 of them. So, on that subject I am still a work in progress but the point is that it is still happening. Things that I don’t want to throw away r put into two piles, donation and yard sales. The new house has huge yard sale space and is on a main road so we have decided on that happening and once I have all of the stuff we r taking out I will move all the selling into the living room and open the door for an indoor yard sale! 

The end of school is June 16. Now I’m thinking about what to do with that. My son has stayed back once from 7 grade and he’s in danger of it again became doesn’t do his work. Now he’s busting butt to pass the last quarter to not have to stay back. I don’t think it will help any to switch him with only a month or so left (by the time we are ready and moved in) I don’t think he needs to stay back and am going to see what we can do but that may mean waiting until after June 16 to go live in our house. 

Then I still have a wedding to plan for October 14, 2017. 

I am in pause status on everything and it didn’t help that we both have been sick for the past week. 

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, PAUSE.