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Brain drain!!!

There are so many things going through my head at all times lately and then he says, Hunny, what color do you want to do the house???? Wwwwhhhhaaaaattttttttttttttttt??????????????? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Now I need to think about the outside? Lol oh if I wasn’t so undeniably happy I would be going crazy!!

I know I want the kitchen royal blue, grey and white. I was going to do the floor in the grey weathered wood floor but I’m worried about the matching of the brown wood to the grey wood. My living room and dining room we are doing wood floors. Brown, the usual. So much needs to be done and I’m trying to figure it out all the time it’s all I can think about.

I want to keep the wood shakers I think he called them, his ex house is grey so that’s out, his favorite color is a sage green but I am not sure how that would look. I know royal blue maybe a bit much!!! Lol. 

Any color scheme ideas???????


I am a woman of many thoughts and ideas on anything creative,upcycling or frugal, love to take pictures especially of nature and my grandkids all while I fight the good fight of illness both mental and physical. I appreciate friendly criticism and love comments!!! So, don't be shy, talk to me...

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