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How to Identify Passive-Aggressive Behavior


By Dr. Perry, PhD

“Let’s meet at noon at the gym – oh wait, you probably don’t know where that is.” ~ Anonymous

We all have that friend, co-worker or family member who has a special way of saying seemingly harmless words that makes us feel like we have been slapped across the face with a rose only to later find we have been embedded with thorns. These same individuals have the habit of doing or purposely not doing something in order to impede your stride. Procrastination, stalling, last minute cancelations; all of these are done while smiling innocently with no hint of anger. The passive aggressive person is often the nicest person in the room. But the smile and feigned innocence hides bottled up aggression and anger. Having no outlet, this anger will display itself through their words and behaviors.

Although no longer recognized by the American Psychological Association…

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