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How to Make the Perfect Apology


By Dr. Perry, PhD

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” ~Buddha

1. Express your remorse
Anytime I have ever received an apology, it has always helped to know the other person felt remorse for what happened. We intuitively scan the apologizer, looking for sincerity. If we believe they are sincere, we are more likely to forgive. But, we often will never forget.

2. Explain what happened
It helps to know what exactly went wrong. This frees us from the dungeon of over-thinking or imagining the worst possible scenario. We can easily imagine scenarios far worse than what actually might have happened. By having a clear explanation, we are more likely to make peace with the occurrence.

3. Take responsibility
When a person acknowledges personal responsibility, it adds to their credibility and simply makes us feel better. Since they are taking ownership of their actions,  we can have a little more confidence they will…

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