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How I Doubled My Living Space (Without Building More House!)


IMG_7231Watch your head!

The History of the Headquarters now goes back about three years. In that time, we ripped out and replaced the kitchen, ripped out and replaced the bathroom, installed all new floors throughout, and even put lights in the bedrooms where there had been none before.

All of these projects were in the first six weeks of owning the home; we hadn’t even started living there yet and we knew these projects had to happen. And yes, that was a ridiculously busy six weeks. Full time job, spouse with part-time job, and two kids under the age of five.

More recently, specifically in the dead of this most recent winter, we realized that we could really utilize the house far more efficiently than we had been.

What a Beautiful…Basement?

One of the selling points of this house for me was the large, spacious basement. I know…

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