Zen and the Art of Home Repair


We’re going to try little exercise. No need to change into your sweats, it’s not that kind of exercise. Or do; I’m a DIY semi-financial blog, not the fashion police.

Start by taking a deep, slow breath.

As the sawdust fills your nostrils, let your mind empty itself of any thoughts.

Don’t think about that hole you just drilled in the wrong place.

Don’t think about the time and money you are going to have to spend to replace that new door you just ruined.

And definitely don’t think about the throbbing on the end of your thumb, where the hammer slipped.

Another deep breath, and, as you exhale, let all intrusive thoughts of giving up and hiring a contractor leave your mind.

Feel better now?

I See Said the Blind Man, as He Picked Up His Hammer and Saw

We’ve gone over many times how the feelings of accomplishment…

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