How To Fix Floor Squeaks and Win Over the Admiration of Your Friends


Have we got a special treat for you today! Actually, that was a question. Have we?

Yes! Yes we have! Today we have a guest post from fellow tradesman, blogger, and all around manly dude Mr. Burrito Bowl! He writes at the deliciously title Burrito Bowl Diaries, and when you’re done reading this article I highly suggest heading over there to learn about finances, fitness, and food. There’s definitely more to his site, but those are the things my brain focuses on. Take it away, Mr. BB!

“Ha, Look at that Loser with his Squeaky Floors! Let’s Secretly Judge him,” Your So-Called Friends.

So, you’ve got a squeaky floor.  It happens. It doesn’t make you less of a man.  Yeah, your buddies tease you a little. The truth is they have no idea how to fix it either.  Don’t even worry about it. Luckily for you, you read a

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