10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Mental Health



On the tenth day of blogmas, I am sharing a list of what and what not to do when you hit the low. When dealing with bad mental health days, it becomes extra important to keep us occupied in the right direction.

What to do?

  1. Manicure: Either get a manicure done or give yourself a manicure, who doesn’t like pretty nails?
  2. Draw/ paint: Art is the best therapy, there is nothing more relaxing than colours. You can also buy the adult colouring books, they are super fun and relaxing.
  3. Write:If art is too challenging for you, you can always try the brain dump method where you write every thought of yours on a piece of paper. You will feel very light and calm after it, I promise.
  4. Watch a movie: Nothing is better than getting lost in the beautiful cinematography and rooting for your favourite characters.
  5. Read a book:

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