12 Step Guide To A Mental Health Reboot


Day-11-Blogmas-2018-specscladeyesOn the twelfth day of blogmas, I am sharing a 12-step guide to have a perfect mental health reboot day. This is something which works for me, you don’t have to follow all the steps. Feel free to skip a few, change some or add new steps, as it is your day and the guide should be fit to cater to you. By the time you figure out your perfect guide, follow this method.

Step 1

Open the curtains the moment you wake up, don’t leave it for later because you will forget it. Also, sunlight wakes up your body clock faster than anything. You might not even need caffeine to feel awake.

Step 2

Say affirmations to your mirror, however, don’t just say them. Believe in what you are saying, force your brain to agree to the affirmations. There are a lot of affirmations on the internet, I wrote…

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