So tired of this body

I am always in pain, I am always having to deal! If I don’t jump out of bed in the morning, I’m screwed. If I sit on the couch to long writing or reading on WordPress, I’m screwed, the whole day will be a struggle and no matter what pills I take or what I try, I can not get back the energy and motivation that I should have had that morning. I need a new body.

I have the best love relationship with my husband, literally a fairytale. I have an awesome house that I am remodeling just the way I want. My boys are doing great. I do not worry about food or rent like I used to. I have a really good life. I want to enjoy it!!

Modern medicine has failed me but what else to do. I think I have realized I meditate with out even realizing I was, as I was reading and learning about it I saw it was something I do all the time, I sit and just focus on clearing my mind, or on nothing. Ok so now what? Being happy is hard!!!


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