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…my traveling companion and I of course had to follow the arrow pointing to the National Print Museum.  I’m not sure if the arrow was meant for people in a car or on foot.  Regardless, for us two pedestrians, the museum took a while to track down.  Many locals did not seem to know its location and warned us that sometimes young people like to twist the signs around to fool tourists.  Well, we eventually determined that the  sign was pointed in the correct direction.  Hopefully, more people will visit this wonderful hidden place.

After seeing the Book of Kells exhibit earlier in the week and being reminded how precious books and the written word have been throughout human history, it seemed apropos to visit a museum focused on the evolution of the printing press.  The main floor of the museum has several operating machines with trays of moveable type…

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I am a woman of many thoughts and ideas on anything creative or frugal, who loves to take pictures especially of nature and my grandkids all while I fight the good fight of illness both mental and physical. I appreciate friendly criticism and love comments!!! So, don't be shy, talk to me...

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