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My boys creations thru the years…

Obviously the tea pots are just there to hold things up and because this was my tea pot collections cabinet, but,I wanted my sons projects more spread out so I could see them all. I noticed how most of them are from my 18 that he made while he was in school. My 13 and I noticed that most of the things he has brought home over the years were more, paper projects. That makes me wonder about Art in our schools and just were it is going. They have noticed the clinical aspect of coloring at any age. I truly feel art can be used to help heal, it is its own therapy. As social studies and history have been debated  necessary I could never see art that way. Our kids argue on why do they need to study this and that and how they will not use them ever in life after school and to a point I do agree, but then there is the few who will become history majors, or history and social studies teachers, we’re would they be? So the arguments can go on forever (,even if I am just arguing with myself!!!, lol) But not with Art, It is necessary for all youth.


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