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A True DIY Innovator


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.46.07 AMDisclaimer-Captain DIY and highly recommend exercising extreme caution when attempting DIY projects. Not everybody can do everything, and some things should only be done by professionals. Keep your digits attached, and keep the insurance company off of your back. Do it right or call the right people!

Today we have a look at some serious DIYers in action. I came across this video on Youtube this morning about a guy who has made his own Powerbank out of used lithium ion batteries. He even uses them to power his car!

This is some dangerous stuff here, and I absolutely DO NOT recommend you try this. In fact, I won’t be trying it, as I’m not totally confident in my ability to not get blown up. I’ve seen the awesome power of electricity let loose, and it is scary as hell.

That being said, it was amazing to watch this…

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I am a woman of many thoughts and ideas on anything creative,upcycling or frugal, love to take pictures especially of nature and my grandkids all while I fight the good fight of illness both mental and physical. I appreciate friendly criticism and love comments!!! So, don't be shy, talk to me...

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