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​I’m going to italy. To live. I’m watching a show, the way they work, the way they get paid. They have the longest life expectancy. They get paid to honeymoon. They get paid so much differently. The company treats the workers as they deserve to b treated. 2 hr lunches. They say it’s important to make the workers happy. They dropped there mouth when they found out there is no paid vacation time by law. 8 weeks vacation to get married, 5 months paid to raise new baby, wow. It just keeps going. We don’t take enough vacations. The us and Italy produce about the same but we work twice as much!! The Italians have more vacations to enjoy life. They believe people need to be happy!! Wow.


The French teach children how to eat healthy from day one in school. They get 5 course meals and have 1 hour lunch that is just like a class. The kids looked at pics of us kids school meals and they said those poor kids. The chef at the school spends less but the kids eat way better.

In Germany they have free collage, they work 36 hours but get paid 40. If a worker feels stressed they get a 3 week stay at a spa. Nobody knows anything about a 2nd or 3rd job. They also believe to have good work then you need happy workers and this is all from a place that makes pencils.Oh my. It’s against the law to contact employees on vacation or after work hours. This is still germany. This show is called Were to invade next, on epix2. I’m awed at seeing how other countries do things so different and the people r so into living life to live!! But they think America is the place to be, not so much anymore. Tons of American students go out of country to get free school. They have plaques outside each house to name the Jewish family that lived there. They believe germany needs to remember there past so they can change the future.

Finland kids go to school 3 or 4 hours and yet do better. No multiple choice, they just no the answer. Wow. They go about education so much better. The us only cares about the standard testing. None of the schools are different. No paying to go to school, no privite schools. They all go together. The us has made schools a business.

In Portugal,  using drugs of any kind is not illegal.Human dignity is above all else, that’s what the police in Portugal are taught.


Norway has the lowest murder rate but they don’t do death penalty and they don’t need guns because the prisoners are treated w something they say they stole from our Constitution,  no cruel or unusual punishment. They do not lower themselves to the criminals to think they have the right to treat anyone cruel. They send them to prison and show them, love. They have less than a 20% rearrest rate!! The hardent prison on the outside looks like ours but inside, wow. They again, don’t use guns. no fights, no rape, no stabbings, nothing. The prisoners loose the freedom but are still human beings. It works. 

I never do anything political. I don’t get into any of these things usually I change the channel but this is all blowing my mind. How has America changed from love to so much hate.

It almost makes me ashamed of how we have become. The US is supposed to be the country of dreams and the country every wants to run to, why?. our crime is high, our majority rate of criminals returning is high, our education is low, our workers are not happy, we have high welfare, no free health care, we have low and middle classes. All of these countries doing these things and got the ideas from us!!!! But we don’t use them. I wish Donald Trump could see this show. We are not the land of opportunity ,  we tell our kids they can be anything they want but they cant. In America it is I, in the other countries it is we, our, always looking at things as equals. 

I am disappointed. 


7 thoughts on “Countries 

  1. Please do yourself a favor and check all the positive things out at more places than only one TV-show, Tracey.
    Not all are so glorious in Europe, as you describe. There are challenges in all countries here too.
    When schools are free in some of the countries in Europe, you need to think, who pay this? Nothing is free. In these countries people pay at least 50% of their salary in taxes to get free education, hospitals etc. Many pay more than the 50% in taxes.
    I think, there are attractive things in all countries, we just need to remember, there are also less attractive things.
    Wish you a happy weekend 🙂


    • Oh yes I realize that irene I think the ideas that the show proposed are more what attracted me and I have been continuing to read others reviews on the movie to get a better idea but it baffles me that the ideas themselves came from the US to begin with. I do not ever get into politics since I don’t understand lots of it but I do no we have a constitution that they now call a guideline and I also no that it is every man for himself and I hate that.

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