Do the Little Things We Do Matter?

Damon Ashworth Psychology


I love the above quote by Lao Tzu. It really highlights to me that all of the little choices we make in life are important, especially in the long run.

Not any one choice, or any particular action, unless it is unusually severe or unforgivable. I’m talking about the little things that we do on a regular basis which cumulatively build up over time and define the type of person that we are, and who others see us as.

This may be something like choosing to make your bed every morning or getting up to go the gym before work or having a veggie smoothie rather than a jam-filled doughnut and caramel macchiato for your 3pm work snack. Taking the easy or not so healthy option may not seem like such a big deal if it’s just the once, but what if this then becomes habitual over time?

Without even…

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