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Disappointed in humanity

I am one of the “high risk” people out there and I am so disappointed in the amount of people still out doing whatever they want. I have not left my property in weeks now and it is mostly because of inconsiderate people. The traffic on my road has not slowed, the schools are the only change it seems around us. My husband is an essential so is still working and thankfully does not come in contact with many people. We have hand sanitizer that he uses before he even comes in the house and the packages and mail all stay out on the porch for 3 days before I open anything. He will throw away whatever is junk instead of even bringing it in and takes some things out of the amazon boxes.

I have never been afraid to die but I also have never had all I ever dreamed for before. I think the thing bothering me the most, I was depressed!!!! What?!?!? I am only slightly doing things differently, I never left my house anyway!!!! Maybe once or twice in a good week and it was either just to drive or it was with my husband shopping. Soooooo, I don’t get it but, even though my life did not change a lot it effected me a lot. Oh how the emotions and brain works!!!



I am a woman of many thoughts and ideas on anything creative,upcycling or frugal, love to take pictures especially of nature and my grandkids all while I fight the good fight of illness both mental and physical. I appreciate friendly criticism and love comments!!! So, don't be shy, talk to me...

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