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How to build a patio, easy

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Me + Cooking = maybe lots of weight loss!!!

Since I have had to go dairy free I had been so bummed! I can’t cook and when I try the asinine perfectionist in me gets unrealistically upset when it doesn’t look like the pictures!!!

I tried chocolate protein balls, supposed to look almost like donut holes, my dog wouldn’t even play with them!

I don’t make it a habit to photograph food but here’s a prime example

I tried to make an avocado pudding, it was supposed to taste like chocolate pudding, I followed the directions to a T. Second checked it all and then put it in the fridge hoping for yummy goodness!! I took it out and thought, ok it may not be exactly the same so keep an open mind, I closed my eyes and as soon as it was in my mouth fully off the spoon, I closed it a let the taste take over my mouth. I couldn’t get to the sink to spit it out fast enough! It was like an animal died in my mouth and someone put salt on it to make it better!!!