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Finished Gift

I realized I never showed u the finished product for my brother. the camera was way off because the color is plum but this was something I kept going over and over and had to just say that’s it!!! I am done. lol. 

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Help, advice, please….

I have a younger brother who is getting married on Oct 8. They are both big time gamers and computer know it all. I saw something like this and thought I could make them one for a wedding gift. I am panicking, is it dumb? If I do how should I word it? I was thinking a mixed media thing. I made the paddles from perler beads. I have the font, acylics, an actual controller wire. So, help me please, I need advice. Is is dumb? How should I word it? Should the heart go around everything or under?????

Please anyone I am in real need of advice!!!!