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Help the kids with postcards!!

My beautiful little niece lives in Avon Connecticut and her class is doing a project to see if they can collect postcards from around the world!! Anyone willing to send a postcard from home would be majorly appreciated and shared on my page. Used ones can just be written on or new is good as well. Apparently this has been a month going and they have only a few from other states so I’m calling for help!!!

Send the to Tracey Bernier

165 River rd Benton Maine 04901

And I will forward them to my niece!!!

One small thing will help a child and classmates accomplish a great project!!!!

Thank you 🙏

making a business, my thoughts, organized, Parents, Reviews, Shared, tips & tricks, WOW Stuff

Shipping from China

I have had 3 orders (get lost) so far in the last couple weeks, each was to be shipped from China, each provide a tracking number and each tracking number says, shipment prepared by seller then out to a facility. Then that is it! One item has been supposedly sitting in that place for 13 days, another for 18 days???? Different facility, different town name , that’s it??? I have never had this happen to me before! Maybe one or two in the shopping season but not like this, not at all like this.