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Movie review

I had meant to do a lot of other movies and maybe someday I will catch up but for now…

The Houses October Built

They have an interesting movie here, it takes awhile to get to the good parts but once you do it isn’t bad. I think things that could be reality are the scary ones. A movie that is human against human, that’s the fear. The story itself is a good one and realistic, when you start asking around to haunted house actors about the ultimate extreme haunt, we’ll, you probably will get it. It’s believable, the characters are pretty good, and the real footage of haunts from different states adds some more realism to it. The ending is one of those, it just stops ,things which I was not happy about, till I saw the just came out with a number 2. Now just came out as in September 2017 so I am not sure when I will see it but at least I can hope for some details on the ending of the first movie.

Ibotta review

So, usually don’t recommend any of these but,,, I was totally unprepared when I did a quick stop at the store, opened the app in my truck, clicked on a few things and then went in, after I just uploaded my receipt and BOOM, 9.25 in cash back!! Ya me!! Lol. I actually really like this app, its an easy to use, cash back rewards app. David has it on his phone as well so we earn together. I have to say I am impressed. Use my referral code, apdhdky, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at

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3 weeks

So, I have exactly 3 weeks left to my wedding. My body is swollen so my dress is about 3 inches to small. I still have tons of decorations to make , all the guys need clothes, divorce papers so we can get licensed, don’t have enough food yet for the pot luck, don’t have enough chairs yet, I do, have my bouquet finished, (I think) I have added a couple things since I took the pic but, will be doing that prob all the time till then. Lol. OCD thing!!

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Wedding update

I got my dress, can’t try it on with out another set of hands and sent out a 911 on Friday to all my friends. Nothing yet.

We got a 10 x 30 wedding tent and a white tarp so we will have a space of 10 x 60 if it rains. If not we will b even better.

Wanted a reception and had people suggest a pot luck so we are working on that. I have my bouquet started. We still need to get more chairs, need to go back to augusta and get copy of my divorce papers so we can get the license, david hasn’t started on his stuff at all, alter, clothes, stumps. We are going fancy rustic. Birch wood log alter, like a bunch of stuff to match.

Going with just royal blue and white decor, making it all myself. Still need the cake.

Two days short of a month left!!!

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Stainless steel sinks

Wish I remembered to take a before shot, my sink was covered in drywall mud, paint, sawdust, it was awful and I could not see it as a cleaning tool!! Now I don’t use chemicals as much as possible so I took out my vinegar and baking soda. 

Put in the plug, dusted it all over with powder and poured just enough vinegar in to make a paste with. As you scrub with it you can see it turns brown if the sink was bad like mine anyway. I hate that sticky type feeling stainless sinks gets on the sides. You can let it set if u need it to get through like on paint, or just scrub. I use my hands but u could use whatever u want. After just rinse repeat if u need to for spots u may have missed. 

Just a cheap, quick and non chemical alternative.


If you look back in my post you can see what this floor looked like before we sanded. I love the original wood!!!!!

The one above is the dining room and then we found under two layers of linoleum and base flooring wood a beautiful kitchen floor!!!