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Hi friends! I spent the morning teaching a workshop making DIY kissing balls, it was so fun! I wish I took a photo because you would not believe how lovely all of the Christmas kissing balls looked hanging in the greenhouse as my beginner students put the finishing touches on them. Now I am enjoying a hot cup of tea before climbing into the attic to fetch our Christmas decorations. We decorated the porch last weekend when the weather was nice and it has been so cheerful to come home to. I enjoyed the decorations on my porch so much that I thought it would be fun to create cards inspired by them!


We still have a few finishing touches to add like icicle lights at the roof and greenery in the ice skates but all in all I really like it! We have a small ranch style home so…

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Inspired by Christmas Decorations!


Damon Ashworth Psychology


jesus-in-taiwan-372790-unsplash.jpgA Japanese term meaning “improvement”.

I think of Kaizen as ‘continuous improvement’ or ‘continual change for the better, one small step at a time’, as this is how I first heard of the term.

A lot of the successful Japanese manufacturing companies in automobiles and technology have used this exact approach to obtain massive success over time.

What could you achieve if you just focused on taking one small step in the right direction today, and then another one every day after that?


luca-iaconelli-242679-unsplash.jpgGandhi did not say “Be the change you want to see in the world” even though it is often attributed to him. What he actually said was this: 

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the…

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25 Ideas That Could Change Your Life




Flowers are always an integral part of decorating, be it a centrepiece, bridal bouquet or a pretty well arranged bunch on your countertop. Tell me, have you noticed how fast faux flowers are growing in popularity?

I remeber doing a post on decorating your home office, and i strongly encouraged you to bring the outside in or simply use artificial plants. Two years back i used to stop by the road side every monday after work, just to grab myself some fresh flowers. Every Monday,,,, imagine how crazy that was.

So i surrendered, and when i did, i discovered faux flowers. There is no doubt that faux flowers can perfectly provide the best finishing touch to your decor, not only that my whole life changed, the monday trips were cut short.

See, this is why i would go for faux flowers,  makers of artificial flowers have highly embraced mother…

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And Paints the Railing Too!

Well folks, it has been a busy fall season here at the Headquarters! Between juggling side hustles, winning awards (one could say that I was nominated for a chain letter, but that’s beside the point), and getting a new boiler, there has been quite a bit going on!

There’s also holding down day jobs and raising kids, but really, how much stuff can I list before it gets ridiculous?

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Mrs. DIY has decided that she has had enough of looking at our crappy back deck. Ok, it’s more like a tiny little porch. Stop judging!

Getting Started

First a little introduction to Mrs. DIY. She is incredibly adept at many things, especially those relating to human psychology and behavior. She makes her money with her brain, and does not have a ton of experience using tools

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Mrs. DIY Stains the Deck!


Learning to write

This is going to be a review of my experience of blogging and the word press platform, and how I have gone from 0-750+ followers in three months. I will pre-warn you that not everything I talk about is going to be in the realm of good ethical behaviour.

Things I have learned:

  • Tags are important

    • Ethically correct: Use all the tags you can and make them as relevant to your post as possible. This will get you views from the type of people you’re interested in.

    • Ethically dubious: Some tags have more viewers than others, for example, I am PhD student, and I include the tag PhD in my posts; however, this only has around twenty posts in it per day, so if I were feeling roguish and all I cared about were views, I would drop this for a tag with more traffic as views are views right? No…

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My experience of blogging over the last three months on WordPress – The good and the ethically questionable.