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She stole our xmas

For 4years I have had this person in my life. I have done everything to accept her for the benefit of my grandchildren. You who have been here before know how much I love my grandchildren, so if I have to tiptoe around her so she doesn’t get mad about something and take them from me then I did. I have let her live here. I have given her money or rides or whatever she needed if I could.

 I got to the point of calling her my daughter. People would get confused because he was my son but she lived with me. I understood how she was brought up and why she did a lot of the things she did. I tried to explain to her why she did what she did. 

I opened my home and my heart to this girl. She would say, you have done more for me in the time I have known u then my real mother has in my whole life. 

Then, she took everything. The kids were here and she brought them. I wasn’t doing well so when she said, they haven’t had anything to eat at 9:30 in the morning , I said feed them. I didn’t have any milk or bread. I let her go to the store to get it. She came back, cooked for the kids and left. She had put my card on the stand. At some point either her or her bfn picked it up. She cleaned me out. That was Dec 20. My kids and I don’t have Xmas. My son’s birthday is Dec 31. We have to wait for a food bank to open after Xmas because we have no food. She new what she was doing. She knows we have no one. She new everything I had was in that account. I now I should have changed the pin once at least in the past 10 years but , I called her daughter.

My heart is broken, I feel betrayed stronger than I ever have before. I feel like she punched me in the gut, stabbed me in the back and stabbed my heart all at once. My boys. I have two boys at home. What did they do to deserve this? 

I just don’t understand how she could do this. 


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