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The Trains Of Eagle Lake And The Allagash Wilderness

Looking Through The Lens



You are walking in the woods and suddenly, there in a clearing are two locomotives, rusted and aging but trains all the same.

This is the case in northern Maine in the Allagash wilderness, once one of the top foresting areas in the country. Trains were once used to haul all of the timber out of the forest farther southward to be shipped to far places. It was a very lucrative business. Thanks to The Department Of Conservations Of Maine website they put together a amazing historical narrative of the trains.

“There are not a lot of places in the world where you can be hiking through a remote wilderness and suddenly stumble upon rusting locomotives. One of the things that makes the Allagash so fascinating is the possibility of a sudden discovery of remnants from a bygone lumbering industry. For example, you could be walking through the wild…

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