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My mystery bird has been finally identified!

I thought I had a picture of this from the back but I can’t find it, so apparently they are young sterlings, which is what this is. The beaks will turn yellow and the feathers become different shades.

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Help Maine

oppose Central Maine Power’s (CMP’s) proposal to build a 145-mile transmission line from the Québec-Maine border to Lewiston because it would harm Maine forests and wildlife, suppress Maine’s renewable energy industry, and could actually increase climate change emissions, all without any clear benefit to Maine or Massachusetts.

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I finally got one of them!!!! I try all the time to get a picture of one of the two but they usually fly off as soon as I get out and get ready to snap it. they don’t stay very still either. lol. I don’t know if this is mom or dad but I am thrilled I finally got one !!!!