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20 DIY!

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Help Maine

oppose Central Maine Power’s (CMP’s) proposal to build a 145-mile transmission line from the Québec-Maine border to Lewiston because it would harm Maine forests and wildlife, suppress Maine’s renewable energy industry, and could actually increase climate change emissions, all without any clear benefit to Maine or Massachusetts.

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Puppy love!

My son is 15 and has his first real girlfriend, I am terrified!! He is extremely sensitive and when something happens it will be like a wall hitting him. I could hope they r a rarity and stay together forever but, one in a million there! It is the one month anniversary and he wanted to get her something, he got all these and brought them home and asked me to put the flowers into a bouquet for him , I had a vase I could use so I came up with this. I am bringing it to his school for him at lunch time but the school said it has to stay in the office till she leaves school. He will have to bring her to see it at the office. It’s cute and sweet and I’m proud of him!! 🤗🤗

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A new Era? ?

While planning my wedding there are things that have come to my attention that I have found rather bothersome.

Unless u r looking to spend 300 or more to rent a party tent, u r out of luck if it rains. They sell these, party tents, all over on ebay or amazon and they run from 30 to 2,000. But almost ever one I read states they are for sun protection and not made for wind or rain… So, that means if u plan an outside wedding and it rains, u r out of luck??? Really??? That just doesn’t work for me. Lots of people want to be outside but can’t afford a large tent that is wind and rain proof. 300, that’s just for a small one. Why does it have to cost thousands of dollars to have a nice , beautiful wedding ?? They say to save money, no caterers, ok, family or local places. No photographer’s, ok, family and friends snap away, “we r doing this” they do have excellent photo shops now but of course that’s another 50 or so. For music, go local, friends or make your own recording , I’m lucky that david is a former band member and has all we need for that, but then you are still looking at , flowers, real ones r very costly since u need a lot! The grooms clothes are not usually on hand and same with the dress. I think the Era of the DIY wedding is upon us! Brides are doing more themselves and I can see why!!

I bothers me how much you need to spend to have a wedding these days.I know it used to have traditionally the brides parents pay and all the old things that went with weddings but now u have people who are doing it more than once . It isn’t easy to do on a tight budget but I think I can safely say I will be under 1,000 when we r done. Here’s hoping!!! October 14 is coming quick!!