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Learn To Become Faster, Better & More Productive By Taking Shortcuts

Learn To Become Faster, Better & More Productive By Taking Shortcuts

Learn To Become Faster, Better & More Productive By Taking Shortcuts
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So, out of the blue?

Curious and curiouser

How many of you have found Snowballs in your freezer? Anyone remember when you found it, time of year?

I found a few over the years, all boys, and never one that last eat till summer or even spring. My older boy managed to hide one behind the ice trays once and since we weren’t using them during winter it lasted a while. Once it was found it was more like a lump of ice attached to the corner of the freezer. It went in the sink. Lol

Anyone else?

(Can’t explain why this popped in my head, I don’t post most of the things that pop in my head, you would thank me! )

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The Evil lives

My husband exwife has been a nightmare since day one, it’s the ” he went and found his soul mate and got happy” thing. The closet drunk went and drank her liver to death, we thought she was going to die. Then the family stopped talking to us, stressing about adding two more kids to the house full time, allll the things that come with that very horrific thought, they have a cat, one of them hates us both, etc, etc,

To update, she lives. She came home from the hospital and if she can stay sober for two years then they will give her a transplant. WOW!

She has caused serious mental and emotional issues to those two boys, so part of me just thinks die already!

Then you have the boys, never taught respect, to clean up after themselves, empathy is non existent, they have been spoiled beyond imagination and still treated as much as babies as possible. The older one treated differently because he is “special” so the younger one is the one blamed for everything, and knows it.

I have such a hard time with the younger one. The older one does not visit at all. I know he needs meds for his ADHD but he takes 3 pills a day and seems to me to only get his hyperactivity under control. I get frustrated, impatient, aggravated, and plain stressed with him as it is when he is here for 3 days so living with us scares me to death! The things he does not know are the things I demanded my kids knew. How in the word do I switch my believes and parenting ?

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Full sun garden

Dug out an old dead crap apple tree at the beginning of spring, then have been slowly working on making it look better. The ivy in front I transplanted from my peas and it has taken over! Lol for this year it is ok but next year I will have to control it. I am very excited for this project, I have only ever had a lawn about this size so having this be just one small area out of an acre to play with is more than I ever dreamed! Even my kitty loves it!!