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Apple air pods with wireless case

My 17 years old asked for these things for Christmas,  the first thing I had to do was figure out what the heck they were!

I started to search a couple days into December for a black Friday or cyber Monday sale, now from what I saw these things were going for 180. regular-priced, so when I found them on sale for 99.99 I thought I had hit the best sale ever! I had already had problems with 2 packages from china not arriving so I checked to see if they were from the USA and it said Kentucky for an address, sweet! I ordered them and then got the accessories for him, silicone sleeve and of course the charging pad. It was close to Christmas when I was doing an Inventory I realized they had not come in. I sent emails to both the customer service and the address on my Paypal account, nothing, CRAP! 
The next thing I did was order some on eBay, everything said they would still arrive in time so, good enough. $119.99 was still a good price. Two days later I receive a message from eBay saying they had canceled all orders from this account and my order would not arrive but I would get my money back in 5-7 days! WAIT! WHAT!!
Now my husband is getting irritated, we are out 219. plus tax, I am just dumbfounded. What was going on with this stuff, packages not arriving, money was stolen, I had never had such bad luck in one year before! He took over and got on old reliable Amazon, paid full 169.99 but they would still be here for Christmas. Good enough.
On Christmas morning my older son arrives and was saying he” spoiled the family” this year, telling me how he got a pair of air pods for his brother….

Being the kid he is, he gave one pair to his girlfriend for Christmas!!


He moved some things, scraping sounds came up through the floors, then I heard some clicks and noises I did not recognize. Then came sounds I love to hear, and to my surprise my hubby had made himself a little music studio in our ever so small basement. Hearing him sings makes my heart sing along. I love his voice. He told me I had better not post this up since you can see how horrible the basement is but, it’s a basement!!! Lol

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Rapping Doctor

You don’t have to download an app or sign up anywere, just click the link and get his mixed tape. My son will be the rapping dr. He’s in cna courses now but he has high ambition for medical school. I know rap isn’t my thing but I would appreciate you listening just to hear his voice. The more people that listen, even if u delete after it will still help his numbers. Thank you. Give small town kids a chance!!!