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The Best Twist Endings in Movie History

The Best Twist Endings in Movie History

The Best Twist Endings in Movie History
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28 signs you’ve found your soulmate and should never let them go!

28 signs you’ve found your soulmate and should never let them go!
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This I do have right! I know with every part of me that my husband is my soul mate, loving him is the easiest thing in the world!

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The pills!

I already take my share of meds, I have the ones to keep me alive, I have my thyroid, my gerd, cymbolta, iron, vitamins, Wellbutrin, now tho I am trying to get off the suboxon after 10 years! I am tired of taking all this crap. I just got on adderall to see if we can fix the whole reason I got on the suboxen, it gave me energy or motivation. Everything I have focuses on fatigue as the main symptoms. I hate it. Now the dr is saying that I may have the motivation but I’m still not able to finish anything.

I need to be able to===

take care of house, husband, teen boy living at home. I have my 26 year old step son who just got out of jail for being an alcoholic car thief (yup, that’s right!) living here, he has two kids whose mother is neglectful and horrible to them so we will have them two also soon, I still have boxes packed from moving in over a year ago. My kitchen is only half built, I have not started my bedroom, just my husband clothes, I have a crafting room that we started but I had to move to make a room for my step son, so now I have stuff everywhere till I can reorganize my laundry room to use as a craft sewing room as well.

I read on how to do this and that but can not make heads or tails most of the time when I try to figure out how to start.

This blog, I have crafting, photography , psychology, my tails from my three boys and my husband and I, and none of it really makes much sense!!!!

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Millionaires Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Myla Pettiford Founder & Owner of: Amiableempath Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Food & Drink Writer Hello everyone!! Down below is a list for you to tell if someone is actually into you or not. 1) Pay attention to when they call or text. If it is always after midnight […]

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Today’s one word prompt from the Daily Post is waiting.

Once again a word I could go on for hours about, but I will not.

We wait forever for our children to leave the nest. Then when it comes we are beside ourselves. I am at this time waiting for the bus to come get my son so he may follow his dreams. As he heads off on the bus to make his mark on the world, I feel like it was yesterday he was born, two weeks overdue and still not budging , I should have known then how stubborn he would be!!!

Pride, fear, sadness, all overwhelming me at once. My other son says he will be back to visit on thanksgiving mom, visit!!??? Thanksgiving, that’s weeks away. Wrong choice of words son.

Even though he was hardly ever home, knowing he isn’t walking in the door anytime soon makes it feel empty.

Now, I am waiting for my baby to come home , to visit.

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I can let things get to me at times 

 instead of pushing on I can just stop and think about how hard it is

how impossible it can seem 

Even why bother anymore

Just be….