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Quicken loans not so good

You see the commercial for them, they imply they can get you to the buying process of a home quick. I guess to that part it’s ok but, after they say you qualify and make a bid, the owners except the bid, then it’s so much b.s. that you have to deal with!! Buying a house, a home is stressful. Waiting is stressful. You need to have inspections, well yes, of course you want to do that. You have a list of things, papers to fill out and copy and information they need that comes up on your account. Once that’s all done it’s like they stop paying attention. They do not talk to each other and they don’t read every note in your file until after they have sent you email contradicting each other. 

Inspector, comes, says you need to paint. It’s 12 degrees out. We can put the money in escrow to do it later. That goes through three different people that David has to keep explaining it to. They are not in maine obviously. They finally get past that. They say it all looks good, once we know we have all the paperwork done then we can close in ten days or so after that. Great! Nope. 

Then they decide they want a handrail on the basement stairs, ok. Then they say , now we need another inspection for the handrail. The realtor took pictures and sent them but nope, not good enough. So goodbye ten days. Now we have to wait for someone to go to the house, look at the rail, shake it a few times and say, ok. Then they need to do the paperwork and send that in. Are you kidding me???

I understand we are taking out a mortgage and the bank wants to make sure it’s worth the investment, ok, I understand if they wanted a couple things done, ok, but, get your carp straight! It’s like a ping ball game going back and forth and back and forth!!! Like this isn’t a huge enough deal but to add a completely unorganized company running the show constantly jerking you back and forth!!!!, it’s not my recommendation to use Quicken Loans!!!


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