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Again, for the first time….

the people who have been reading me since the beginning of 2017 have probably got tired of the phrase,“For the first time!” I have had so many I can’t count them all and I thought that had to be it but I never should have doubted my husband. So , once again, for the first time in so long I can’t remember, I was so wrapped up in my family and what they were doing around me that I didn’t take one picture!!! Now I have always over done it with the pictures, like, taking fifty pictures of my grandkids playing in the snow. Always have had pictures of the boys opening stuff and reactions but not this year. I can’t even believe it!! And , yes, another!!! My husband made all of xmas dinner himself. Never before have I not done it myself, I am not talking about just doing the potatoes or opening all the cans kind of thing, but from the ham to the pumpkin pie, he did it all and I didn’t get any pictures!!!!! It was great, everything came out just right. Once again he has out done himself.


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