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23 Real Ghost Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Paranormal

Auntie says goodbye “When I was around 5, my aunt got diagnosed with cancer so my mom left me at my dads for over a month to be able to care for her …

23 Real Ghost Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Paranormal


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One thought on “23 Real Ghost Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Paranormal

  1. I really enjoy the ghostly unknown, especially as Halloween approaches.

    I have long been an interested believer in the extradimensional phenomenon of spirits, enough so to write a few ghost stories (not formally published, but posted on my blog). My fandom was unabashedly amplified by the fairly new TV series Paranormal Caught on Camera. When watching the various captured footages of this particularly interesting form of the unexplainable, I, nonetheless always with a critical eye, apply strings-attached (or translucent fishing-line) theories or explanations.

    When you have so much completely automated security surveillance, etcetera, camera footage submitted by different sources catching the most astonishing images, it is unreasonably difficult (at least for me) to discount the phenomenon in its entirety.

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