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Bought my birthday present this year!

New stove for my birthday!
I baked my birthday cake as my first thing!
Guess it was good!
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New addition done, kinda

First we had to do the foundation for an addition, then a new bulkhead door , then the room addition.

The new room will be my new laundry room. The old laundry room will be a new bathroom and the old bathroom will become a walk through from the kitchen to the laundry room. It will have double glass doors that will go to new deck. We have half the deck done at the moment that we did while waiting for the cement guys to get the foundation done.

Before the addition but after the deck. once it’s done it will extent over to the bulk head .

Next year the second floor of the house is being removed and rebuilt with a different layout, a different roof line and the addition part will go up to become the master bath. We wanted to keep the house like it was but it had so many different builds with 3 roof lines we found inside, it had been added to 3 times and not always the proper way. It was built in 1914 so I’m sure they did what they could with what they had.

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4 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas: Painted Furniture Makeover & Ikea Hack | ASMR diy home decor

hello and welcome if you’re new to my channel my name is christina and in today’s video i want to share four diy projects with you from furniture …

4 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas: Painted Furniture Makeover & Ikea Hack | ASMR diy home decor
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It’s starting!!!!! Again.

We have had plans to renovate this year for a year but then the pandemic happened and it all went to poop!!! Everyone was booked, no contractors, needed a basement for the addition, nope can’t do that!!!!!

Ok now that I got that out, we finally have the foundation for the addition started.

And now a hurricane!! Yup! Now it will be another week or something before we can get this back on track.

I also learned hubby wants to put pipe all around the house so more digging has to come, but not for a couple weeks till we can get the right equipment.

I still have the perfect husband, great kids and support from friends, but I’m still frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!