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New light

In the past eight months exactly sept 1, there have been so many drastic changes in my life. All for the better in one way or another.

I met my soul mate, again.

We bought a house

We moved in together which means a new town and new school, all new streets and neighbors.

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer to add to my list of health issues.

They removed all the cervical cancer!

Learning to DIY everything from windows to floors to lights and faucets!

I have never had my own yard nevermind an acre! !

Getting married in one month and 14 days, doing almost all of it ourselves.

My life hasn’t been the worst but I have seen my share of horror and evil in this world and believe everything in my life has been preparing me for this, my happy ending.

I struggled to be a disabled mom and dad to my son’s who I wanted to grow to be healthy and happy young men going out to live full lives as adults and not feeling the need to compensate for what they didn’t have as boys. A father, money, a home and a mother who wasn’t sickly. My focus has been on myself and my family mentally and emotionally for so long that once my older son left home for school, I felt a little lost. My other boy is 14, 6 feet tall and full of confidence as to who he is. That’s when David came into my life after 25 years. I realized he was gods way of saying,” it’s ok to find love and let go, be happy, let all that work pay off,” and that’s exactly what it has been like for 8 months.

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It all comes back….

The way we raise our kids always comes back to us. 

I started off wrong with my boys but saw that and corrected it early enough for them to be mentally and emotionally stable when it was time, example. My son jacob is currently working as a CNA and is not stopping there, he wants to be a dr. A mother like me could not be more  proud. He grew up in rentals his whole life and was broke always but that didn’t stop him and I hope it never stops any other kid!

Now if you completely smother them, manipulate them into believing what you want them to about people especially,  it will come back. Point blank….

A mother tells her new husbands mother, u will never see him or any children we have….

Tell the kids awful lies and make up stories to try to make them always see things your way and never ever in dads way, try to keep them always under your thumb….

What do you really think will happen when they grow up??? Either, one, dad smarten ups and leaves and as time goes they meet all these people they were never allowed to meet and one day actually think, hhhmmmmmm.

Or , they grow up and marry a controlling , abusive woman just like mom and you never see them or your grandchildren again…..

Either way, you are digging a bigger hole. 

And somewere inside , she knows. Her parents have told her, people have left, she drinks herself a box of wine every night…. she knows…