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The Best Twist Endings in Movie History

The Best Twist Endings in Movie History
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Movie, 6 Days

When armed gunmen seize the Iranian Embassy in 1980 , a tense 6 day standoff ensues while elite British soldiers prepare for a dangerous raid to save the many hostages inside.

This true story movie came out in 2017 and stars Mark Strong, Abbie Cornish, and Jamie Bell.

The movie was very good playing out the most important parts of those 6 days and tells how to this day some of the same tactics are still used in similar situations. While these terrorist are people, human beings, with the best of intentions and honorable causes , they chose the wrong way to get the worlds attention. I try to see from their side and although could never actually understand what they go through living in Iran , can understand how they may feel the need for the rest of the world to know their cause.

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I had meant to do a lot of other movies and maybe someday I will catch up but for now…

The Houses October Built

They have an interesting movie here, it takes awhile to get to the good parts but once you do it isn’t bad. I think things that could be reality are the scary ones. A movie that is human against human, that’s the fear. The story itself is a good one and realistic, when you start asking around to haunted house actors about the ultimate extreme haunt, we’ll, you probably will get it. It’s believable, the characters are pretty good, and the real footage of haunts from different states adds some more realism to it. The ending is one of those, it just stops ,things which I was not happy about, till I saw the just came out with a number 2. Now just came out as in September 2017 so I am not sure when I will see it but at least I can hope for some details on the ending of the first movie.

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Jumanji Parrish Shoe Factory Film Location (North Berwick, ME)


I hope this works, I’m still trying to get some of this stuff down but, I also hear of maybe a second jumanji with The Rock?????? 

That would be very interesting !!! Lol

I just tried to click the link and it didn’t work but if you highlight it then push search it will bring you there! Yyaaaaa. Learn something new every day!!!



Adorable totally funny, the kids will love it!!! A family comedy animation about a cute little furry being with a big MUSTACHE!!!! They showed a lot of the best parts in the previews but it was still cute. I didn’t see it in 3-D so that may change things. P.S. Never cut down a tree you don’t know, or you might piss off a LORAX!!!!



Now, this movie starts out very slow. I feel it is one of those that they put all the best parts in the previews, but, my sons loved it. It does have a twist and ends up with a different ending then I thought but, still , only half of the movie is good I feel. This one I have to say is tricky. I guess this is a thumbs half-way!!!