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Burnt out

It is one stupid idea after another, Im trying constantly to prove this and that are wrong, wondering how can they not see the damage they are putting on them?

Since David ant I got together his social path ex wife has done everything possible to turn those two boys against him. She started it the day they were born. The marriage was a sham, two years in he had his own room but she was a closet drunk so he stayed for them. Now he realizes how bad that was and her drinking has caught up to her. The drs said no more drinking at all. She is an alcoholic and coming home to her two kids. They want to help mom of course, so they are told to break any alcohol they see her with. Don’t let her drink. So now these two young boys are given the responsibility of keeping an alcoholic away from alcohol!

If anything goes wrong they will blame themselves! REALLY!!!!

In the same sentence nana says, they are all that matters, if she wants to drink let her it will be her fault not mine and they asked what they could do to help,

Then we have the grandkids stupid mother who has decided her new man is now the kids daddy, my grandson has been out of school for a week and when I try to ask I am told not to call back or she will put a pfa on me! My stepson is in jail so she is doing whatever she wants with those kids and along with her mother who helped her rob me a couple years ago trusting type and her bipolar self who knows what is going on. She has been a big balls of lies and more lies since day one, so many she will totally forget and not have a clue what I am talking about but when I sent her a screenshot of her saying it, I am the bad guy, I am the one whose is denied the kids for months.

Has the world always been filled with so many narcissistic parents?

Is that how the world got like this is it just keeps going generation after generation??

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Prison Brides: ‘Hybristophilia’ And Women Who Fall In Love With REALLY Bad Boys

Prison Brides: ‘Hybristophilia’ And Women Who Fall In Love With REALLY Bad Boys

Prison Brides: ‘Hybristophilia’ And Women Who Fall In Love With REALLY Bad Boys
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I hate my grandbabies mother

Hate is a very strong word that I do not use lightly but dealing with her for the past 5 years has truly been horrifying. To say she is a narcissistic person would be putting it lightly. Short version, she is a horrible mother, and I could go on and on about all the things we have had to go through with her. My step son is spineless and does not stand up to her at all even though she has got married, every guy she has been with is the new daddy and at this point he is not even aloud around them, to even talk to them or anything. He just takes it. He will loose them.

She hates how much they love me , she is so mentally and emotionally abusive to them and uses them over everyone to get what she wants. They were here with us Friday to Sunday in which time they went outside to play and my grandson playing with his skateboard, crashed. He was scared more than anything and calmed down very quickly with a skinned knee, scratch on his neck going to his shoulder and a fat lip. She flipped out and in the argument sent a picture of his knee and it was way worse than it had been here. No surprise, her mom had them but she didn’t say anything so it all went on me. I have bent over backwards for her, she robbed me of almost 700$ plus the money I gave to them for everything , supporting them for months at a time, it just goes on but once again it is I will never see them again, loose her number, on and on and on. I get so stressed and upset it usually makes me sick. I know I could not handle raising them on my own but have thought of taking them for years. Her husband is an actual good guy to them so it has helped them out a lot having him around but now I am stuck once again with decisions, wait till she needs something and calls, try to lie and smooth my way back in or just spend tons of money going for grandparents rights.

The worst thing about it all is what she is doing to them .

And, David’s ex wife is just as bad but in different ways. One is bad enough, but two!!!

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5 ways to deal with a narcissist once and for all

5 ways to deal with a narcissist once and for all
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Policies on emergency care for animals

My name is Kathy Stremcha

August 1st I rushed my dog to the emergency hospital in Middleton Wisconsin. Got him in there they took an x-ray, came back told me it was bloat. I told them well fix him basically. They told me their policy is money up front before they can proceed.  No no no….I want you to get him in there please he’s my baby!

We need 3000.00 before we can proceed. I told them I can get if but he’s sleeping he’s a truck driver and he’s not answering the phone. PLEASE GET HIM IN THERE. Nope…I had to choose let him suffer,or put him to sleep. That is ridiculous he was everything to me….my constant companion( Dr.orders) I have ptsd and agoraphobia.. he was Akc registered Great Dane (blue) champion bloodlines….and they took him from me.

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It all comes back….

The way we raise our kids always comes back to us. 

I started off wrong with my boys but saw that and corrected it early enough for them to be mentally and emotionally stable when it was time, example. My son jacob is currently working as a CNA and is not stopping there, he wants to be a dr. A mother like me could not be more  proud. He grew up in rentals his whole life and was broke always but that didn’t stop him and I hope it never stops any other kid!

Now if you completely smother them, manipulate them into believing what you want them to about people especially,  it will come back. Point blank….

A mother tells her new husbands mother, u will never see him or any children we have….

Tell the kids awful lies and make up stories to try to make them always see things your way and never ever in dads way, try to keep them always under your thumb….

What do you really think will happen when they grow up??? Either, one, dad smarten ups and leaves and as time goes they meet all these people they were never allowed to meet and one day actually think, hhhmmmmmm.

Or , they grow up and marry a controlling , abusive woman just like mom and you never see them or your grandchildren again…..

Either way, you are digging a bigger hole. 

And somewere inside , she knows. Her parents have told her, people have left, she drinks herself a box of wine every night…. she knows…

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Could it all just be me???

I went to see my younger brother today and as usual we talked about the family. I told him a lot on how I feel and he told me I was wrong pretty much. I said our mother was never there for me growing up, he said that makes no sense she is great to me and our older brother. I said whatever came into memory and he said it is out of our mothers character. I brought up, I wasn’t a problem kid like she says, how was I so bad, I didn’t come home pregnant till 22, wasn’t a junkie, didn’t even loose my virginity till almost 16. I didn’t understand at that age how I felt or how to express any of it. He said he didn’t understand, mom was not like that at all that he has seen. He is about 13, or so years younger than me. I can’t believe all this is from my father living in a diff state, we made our peace with each other when I was 20. The thing that I can’t get past is my mother and older brother talked about taking my son from me. It blows my mind. Our house burned 2 weeks b 4 my son’s first birthday.we went to live with my older brother. Him and his wife tried to change me drastically. Not just my hair and clothes and I moved out after two months even though they really didn’t think I should. I don’t k ow if it was then or before that but he claims they say my son was malnourished and always had bruises. I can’t even begin to argue how wrong that is. I can get his medical records from that time but I don’t understand they never tried talking to me, I never had the state involved except for the volunteer programs I was involved in. He said something had to make them decide that Jacob needed to be protected, they were just looking out for the best interest of Jacob. I do not understand any of this. I wasn’t born messed up. I was made that way, I didn’t chose abusive men because I felt like I, I didn’t think I deserved better. It all came from some were. Did it just come from me?

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Part 2

It’s hard to figure out what to tell to help imagine who you are and how u got there, 

Could be from when I was a tween, the first time crying over a boy and ran to my mother, when she realized what it was about she harshly said oh you will get over it and walked away….did that say to me that my feelings were not important.? Yes I think so.

Our house burned two weeks before my son’s first birthday. I got the abusive man part but then spent eight years with one emotionally unavailable and mentally abusive. I was an extreme extrovert before and now, I go days or weeks without leaving my house. I am an extreme introvert. I shy from people. I do not like the way I look but can not do to much to change it. I attract narcissistic people and I let them use me for whatever. I need to change me. 

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Challenge to Myself

I need some pick me up on becoming…….

I am really trying to find myself but get stumped in depression or it’s to hard, or I try to give up. I am not happy with my life, were I am at 42, what am I doing? Is this it? I should be more than what I am and I want more. So, anyway,  I am going to challenge myself to do one post everyday about, something I did to reach my goals that day, something positive  I can say everyday. About me. 

He’s a very quick summary to help you all to maybe get me better. If that’s possible!! Lol

 At 22ish I was diagnosed Addisons Disease, hypothyroidism.

 Married an abusive man because I was to scared to say no. We had a son. Left him and the first time I was with another man, boom pregnant. On birth control both times!!! Lol both times I was just getting back on my feet. Started with more health issues, one thing after another. I have heard, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, carpel tunnel, mixed connective tissue disease, etc.etc.etc. I have tried to work but something keeps happening were I get sick then get fired. S S says because I can work some I do not qualify but I can not work enough to support my kids by myself??? Have something wrong with just the left side of my body were my hip area swells as in, size 12 when I get up, size 16 if I am active. I have gained more weight but can not excercise without swelling and hurting more. I was abandoned by my family for poor choices in my youth and still receive no support from them. I am lucky to get a card from my mother for Xmas. They all live in the same town. My 18 son did start to go the wrong path but has realized it and has gone back to school for his diploma, has a talent for singing and leaves for job Corp in 2 weeks, so I can’t be that bad of a mother. Never had money from his father and he has never been around. My 13 son is sweet and smart and a great kid, his dad is around some and does pay his child support.

So, I am a mental and physical mess and I want to at least make me happy. That was t as quick as I said, sorry.