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Home Depot

I know the Home Depot is everywhere and have been reading nothing but bad reviews about the customer service area. My husband and I went in to get a dishwasher on sale and while leaving saw a refrigerator marked half off. We asked why and was told they didn’t have room for it, it had an upgraded model. Ok, makes sense. On coming home the more I thought about it the more I wanted to change the dishwasher color to match the fridge, so we went in on Friday night and called Sunday morning to ask about changing the color. I was sent to three different extensions and no body had a clue! Was finally told the appliance manager would b in Monday and would get back to me. Nope. Hubby called and after being redirected a bunch of times was told, oh, she didn’t work today!. Ok so now it’s Tuesday, no call, hubby calls and again, go through people to find one who says she will personally write a message to the manager and make sure she returns our call first thing. Nope. So now it’s Wednesday and I’m thinking any chance of it being possible is gone now but so irritated by the customer service I’m going to stick with it. Hubby calls asks for a manager and the one he is given to has no idea on any of it , he is the warehouse manager or something??? Hubby kinda blows, they connect him to someone and at this point we are saying, you ARE going to either change the color or just order another one in the color I want and keep the other in store. The woman totally agrees with us, says she didn’t understand any of the run around and she was personally doing it at that moment while on the phone. Ok. Great. Was going to have to wait a couple ex days but, it was done.

I worked in customer service for years, it was my thing, people, resolving issues and making sure the customer is happy. That is supposed to be the foundation in every company, so what’s with Home Depot?

Now I am looking at this fridge and very nervous, I swear it has crumbs in it, it looks used to me, not just a display model. They say they don’t do that, they do not resell, hmmmmmm.

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Back, Forward & Back again

3 weeks and 3 days…. 

I have been into my cleaning and organization for well, 3 weeks and 3 days. I have taken days off and some days I have just been lazy but, I got the stuff I needed to do outside to winterize the yard……DONE!!!!

The kitchen is still at the knick knacks and decorations phase which means the cleaning and organizing is …..DONE!!!!

The upstairs hallway that was cluttered with all the things I needed to get rid of has been moved around some and I just got rid of a 18 gal tote full to the top of toys! That cleaned out 2 totes and half of another. Sorting through them took lots of time, those little plastic army men!!! Wow!! All the action figures with the tiny guns and things. I still have more to do but I feel good about how far I have gotten. My goal is to have it done by Xmas. The reorganization of the upstairs hallway into my craft storage area will be after Xmas is over, and my son’s bday on Dec, 31. 

kids and crafts and more!!!, organized, Parents

Back, Forward & Back Again…

Since I started my cleaning and organizing the house journey I have had some set backs. I took a few days off to spend time with my grandkids and have simply slacked .  My kitchen did get done but that was the easiest room in the house so almost doesn’t count. I have regained my determination and am back on path. I am trying to make more of a schedule to it, sort out days and projects. 

2 weeks and 4 days…..

my thoughts

Save Money on Cleaning Products with WHITE VINEGAR

White vinegar is often regarded as a magic cleaning solution because removes dirt, germs, and soap scum, disinfects and deodorizes, refreshes and rejuvenates fabrics, and even removes stains from virtually any surface. Many people assume that they have to spend money on multiple different cleaning products at the store, but the fact is that using basic white vinegar can save you cash on your monthly cleaning expenses.

Kitchen Uses

The cleaning aisle of your local grocery store is chock-full of various kitchen cleaning solutions – from disinfecting wipes to silver polish, and oven cleaner to floor scrubs. The fact is that you don’t need any of them because white vinegar can do it all. To remove tough stains and grease, gently rub white vinegar over the surface, let soak a bit and wipe away. If you want to just clean shelves and counter tops, mix equal parts vinegar and water, spray and wipe. This kind of vinegar solution can also be used to remove mineral deposits and to clean your garbage disposal. Running a cup of vinegar through a dish washer can clean and deodorize.

Bathroom Cleaning

Conventional bathroom cleaning products often consist of heavy-duty bleach and other toxic chemicals. White vinegar is just as effective in fighting mildew, soap scum and mold. The trick is to allow yourself time and let the vinegar sit in the affected areas before scrubbing. If you have tough stains in between tiles, simply add a little baking soda to the mix. Disinfect and clean your toilet by letting several cups of vinegar sit in the bowl for about a half hour, rinse and flush.

Furniture and Blinds

Instead of turning to expensive furniture cleaners, consider using white vinegar for spills and stains. Vinegar is even safe on leather and suede furniture—just blot the surfaces dry after removing any stains. For spot treatments on other furniture and carpet, dilute white vinegar with five parts water in a spray bottle.

Blinds can be difficult to clean, and many people waste money on purchasing fancy dusters and cleaners. Instead, grab a cotton glove and a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. While wearing the glove, dip your finger in the solution and gently wipe across each blind. After they have dried, repeat on the other side.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning with vinegar is an effective way to save money. It is far less expensive to purchase a large bottle of vinegar than it is to buy multiple various cleaning solutions. At the same time, your family will not be exposed to the toxins that are associated with other kinds of cleaners.

If you plan on using white vinegar for multiple cleaning jobs, you should purchase larger bottles. This will save you money overtime because you will end up paying less per volume. Having a wholesale club membership helps because you can easily buy the vinegar in bulk and save even more.